January 10, 2020

Kosher Cover-up: U.S. Ruling Class Hides Epstein Child Sex Blackmail Operation

Today on TruNews we discuss the takeover of American society at the hands of a political ideology armed with graphic sex tapes and compendiums of compromising material. We detail how the raping of kids and the hijacking of our nation has become a sacred idol worshipped by the political and spiritual elite. We detail how reporting on Epstein’s sordid work for Mossad has become an official thought crime, and will ultimately lead to the deplatforming of all Christians unwilling to betray Jesus Christ. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall. Airdate 01/09/20

Thanks to AdolfRichtar for the heads up!


WWS said...

At 44:00 Epstein Island details begin.

Albert said...


I paused-it at 16:00:00 as a new topic began and I SEE a HUGE-Face filling-My-SCREEN:

With: Pointy-out-Ears and a Huge-Hooked-Nose !!!!!!!!!!!

For YEARS "Alex-Jones SEEMED to be: a "Truth-Seeker" standing-Up to the (((mainstream media)))

... wow! (((they))) really DO SEEM to SEEK to CORNER the "Opposition"-VOICE !!!

-- "I've been: YouTube-BANNED and Funding-Blocked ..."
(-- "Chicoms ..." Alex-Jones too! ;-) Stephan-Molyneux, Jordan-Peterson too ?)

-- "I've been Put-in-Prison ! - thus Endangering MY and My-Family's Lives!" -- Stephen-Yaxley-Lenin "Tommy"

-- "Oy Vey! He's AGAINST the jews!" -- That's Right (((media))) Cries-Out: (((trumpenstein))) is a "White-Supremacist-Nazi"! ;-)

CONFUSION of WHAT and WHO to "Trust" / BeLIEve ...


(We can "ONLY" Hope: To WAKE-UP "Enough" Fellow-Whites ... in-Time! ... to Stop/Save/Reverse-the-DIRE-(((Situation)))! )

... until it is Too-Late and We are: Out-Numbered, and Surrounded-by non-whites and WALLS, and Financially-cut-Off, and Variously: isolated, weak, disavowed, forgotten, gone! :-(

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Red Orchid said...

Trunews PayPal account cancelled and also that of Rick Wiles' daughter.

Chains said...

@RO Will we do anything about paypal? Nope. Do they know it? Yup. Term of service is your new constitution if you choose to live online. Here's a thought... How long will it be before all your local banking is done online and they will be able to treat you the same way though terms of service? Will state statuteslose control of these institutions?

Red Orchid said...

According to Rick Wiles, Peter Thiel owner of PayPay is a Jewish Homosexual. Perhaps it's time for the Goyim to cancel business with him.

Internet banking sure is problematic.