February 29, 2020

Mike Pompeo Refuses To Answer If The Coronavirus Is a Hoax Or Not

More political theater fer ya, yuk yuk!


Amanda said...

Found this one in the comments at https://www.winterwatch.net/2020/02/the-new-underworld-order-and-covid-19/


first few seconds of this one seem to suggest some hoaxing going on (saw this same kind of thing with the so-called ebola outbreak)

jerry said...

Congressman Ted Lieu BELIEVES the coronavirus is real. This Real/NotReal thing is going to play into the next election and the "powers that shouldn't be" are trying to divide the country so the Democrats aren't completely thrown out of government! If Ted Lieu was so concerned about the health of Americans, why doesn't he talk about 5G radiation?

Personally, I'm convinced the coronavirus is NOT REAL, but there are still millions who think it is. As long as they can keep the lie alive, Democrats like Ted Lieu stand a chance at staying in Congress.

jerry said...

I just got this from Twitter ... Ted Lieu accusing Donald Trump of being a liar. This one may just come back and take a large bite out of Ted's ass!!!

Ted Lieu
Dear @realDonaldTrump
: I hope you apologize for using the term “new hoax” in connection with the #coronavirus outbreak. Stop lying to the American people. This is not about you. This is a global public health crisis.
Quote Tweet
Donald J. Trump
· 3h
I will be having a 1:30 P.M. Press Conference at the White House to discuss the latest CoronaVirus developments. Thank you!

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

And the (((devil))) already have vaccine on the way !!!

jerry said...

Apparently the health problems that have exploded the past 100 years like arthritis, diabetes, etc in developed countrys is because of EMF radiation from a massively expanded electrical grid. These EMFs interfere with the body's ability to absorb and use oxygen ... eventually affecting organs which results in certain diseases. Get more oxygen! 5G makes the problem a whole lot worse.

jerry said...

This "debate" is going to become another "man-made global warming" donnybrook right into the next election. The CDC and NIH are going to be asking for massive funding increases and they're going to hire "scientists" who are going to go along with the conning of America because they landed a GREAT JOB ... and truth be damned!!! All the Democrats are jumping in the fray because they see this as a way to win re-election by a fearful public.

Take a gander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7LorRFI8tc

Yep ... with a thoroughly corrupted CDC and NIH they'll say that some guy who was perfectly one day, comes down with what they diagnose as "coronavirus" and unbeknownst to the rest of us, start injecting him with stuff that kills him in just a couple of days. The media jumps all over it and scareshe public into a frenzy. They line up willingly to be injected with a vaccine sold by Mr Bill Gates himself. If anyone who has been vaccinated goes to a hospital with flu-like symptoms, they won't be injected with the poisons that killed the other guy ... "see" the media declares, "the vaccine works!!"

jerry said...

And China is in on this sham too. The commies used the pandemonium to eliminate dissidents and calling it a quarantine. Easy way to disappear someone you want to get rid of.

BREW said...

It is worthy to note that none of them are this upset, or concerned about Abortion, Heart Disease, Chem Trailing (stratospheric engineering), Cancer, Fluoride, or any of the other numerous chemicals and contaminants in water supplies,

or even the downfall of San Francisco, and other cities, turned into literal sewers, allowing people to poop/pee in the streets and needles littered everywhere,

or the danger of allowing (free pass) to Economic Migrants, also known as Invading Foreign Nationals & Occupatikn Forces, entering The USA & elsewhere, unvetted, unknown identities & backgrounds, that become unknown whereabouts, among other things.

They're not as upset about any of those and other, than they are of their new rising star, "CoVid19", aka: Corona Virus.