February 29, 2020

What will happen next I wonder


Captain Ahab said...

I love raw nature and morons getting put in check! Here are three beauties along the same line!

The first is a woman in China who got in an argument with her husband in their car at a drive-thru animal park where you're NOT suppose to exit your car. Her mother and husband exited the car to save her. In the end the mother was eventually killed while the daughter was severely mauled and the husband unscathed:


This is a young lad who got drunk and fell into a tiger enclosure in New Delhi. The video speaks for itself:


This last one is an idiot who jumped into a grizzly bear enclosure. He eventually survived, but he was torn up and required hours of surgery:


Scorpio said...

Yeah, hopefully the lion gnawed off his arm.
Notice that nobody tries to help, they just whip out their phones - lol
Sign of the times.

What turd world cuntry is this from?

spoonful said...

Fuck him up