February 24, 2020

Queens = Drag On!

Queens = Drag On! Woohoo just look at all these sick fuckers


Nona said...

I really don't know whether they are all men,(FEOS - UGLY) but did you see their noses? It proves that just because you're "royalty" doesn't make you a beauty. Satin, lace, dripping with jewels, it's putting silk on a sow.

Are those khazarian noses? Heheheheh!

Nona said...

Actually, if they're not men, they might as well be. Do they shave their faces? (Maybe they have the genetic preponderance to be hermaphrodites?).

Why is that "princess" called Nicholas? (1:50 mins,)

Also, I noticed a while back that one of the Br. "royals" is a older grown male, but is called "Princess." (I don't remember the name), but I thought it strange at the time.

Sketchy 1 said...

HEY MICHELLE, you are an idiot... looking for a black cat in a dark room that does NOT exist, BITE ME!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Camilla certainly looks the part, does she not?

Digger said...

i think they are just ugly women