February 25, 2020

The BEST NEWS re CΟRΟNΑ VΙrus you've heard all month! Kinda.


AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

You right, this is the best I have ever seen. What a women !!!!

Voltman said...

5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations and....

Joe Imbriano
By wmw_admin on February 25, 2020
Michael Aydinian – GMMuk.com Feb 24, 2020

"5G technology microwaves human brain and body, but also implants hypnotic thoughts into human mind for mind control at the beginning. Now with the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19, the Globalist Elite, Bill Gates and Company (Rothschild Zionist Central Banksters) are implementing the Global De-population agenda as stated on the US Georgia Guidestones to reduce world population to just 500 million. "

Stormin' Norman

Albert said...

She SAID: She Loved me! ;-)

Yes! -- Dana is: An Amazingly GOOD Communicator!

Red-Heads are quite Vibrant!

"Vaccines" will REDUCE Population Growth." -- Bill-Gates-to-Hell !!!
(6 Gorillion "Vaccines" for Black-Africa NOW! ;-)

-- The very LAST Thing that (((they))) want: is for (((their))) THICK-Cabled Microwave-Tower WEAPONS to be in Any Way: "Criticised" !!!!!!!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Voltman said...

Cables can be converted to inductors (coils, transformers); sheet metal and polythene sheets make for nice capacitors. Batteries are in cars, everywhere. With a bit of electricity you can create a lot more. Build overunity electrical power supplies, inverters, no need for solar panels. If you don't like messing with highspeed power transistors, use spark gaps and Don Smith type Tesla Coil based power supplies. If you like recycling microwave oven magnetrons, you can contemplate making a homemade microwave bazooka. No need for huge power supplies, just pulse the magnetron with a nice sharp-transient high voltage spike.

And voila!

Voltman Plutonymus Rex
All rights reserved.

jerry said...

Wow ... great video. Lots of info that I had no idea of. I know one thing for sure ... Trump will be remembered as the stupidest president this country has ever had to suffer with. Incredibly stupid ... as is Rush Limbaugh! I heard Limbaugh say today that the Novel Coronavirus is a Chinese thing because they're getting it from the way they eat. According to Limbaugh, the Chinese eat raw snakes, dogs, pigs ... anything. That's why they're getting the disease and the rest of us don't have to worry about anything!!! He's totally stupid about 5G.

How stupid do these people have to be before we wise up and demand they shut the fuck up!!! Sean Hannity too ... stupid former auto mechanic running off at the mouth about how wonderful Trump is ... beyond belief. Ole promo code Hannity; just another dirtbag big mouth!!

jerry said...

If you don't believe that these microwave ovens can change the structure of water, do a little experiment. Take a cup of freshly brewed coffee and put in a teaspoon of coffeemate. Watch how easily the coffemate is absorbed by the coffee.

Then. brew another cup of coffee and let it cool down; after it has cooled down, place that cup of coffee in a microwave oven and turn it on for a minute or so ... just enough to re-heat it (be careful it doesn't boil over the cup). When done, remove the cup of coffee and try to stir in a teaspoon of coffeemate. It's obvious that the microwave energy (2.4 Ghz) affects the structure of water and our bodys are almost all water!

Can anybody say "health concerns"? Do you think being vaccinated will change anything as long as 5G is being radiated at you as in a microwave oven?