March 27, 2020

5g in Montreal


Voltman said...

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Verum Autmorere said:

If 5G gets installed we're all going to get the Corona Wireless.


After they installed LED street lights, when I connect to Internet it now has 3 options, the regular account, the guest account, and the new one says 5G. (in Ontario)


Wow, I was out walking this evening, and I noticed a lot of them on my street. They look like lamp posts with something like a little camera on top.

Sha. deus

5G FR2 antennas: Multiphase (or polyphased) cell arrays, 50A to 100A breakers, 600Hz to 72+GHz and the capacity to focus and direct EMFs into narrow beams. All you need to spy/target/hurt anyone around.

Marie W

One million troops approved to go on the streets of the US. Man we are in big trouble. One thing I noticed is there is less fighting between us because our enemy is coming after us at a serious level <3

Rob skerry

With the social distancing & 5g weapons now can target any individual anywhere, does the 4ft 6ft distance help target us easier?

War Dog

Montreal is already invaded with 5g bell 5 g coverage

Wonka Wilfos

Tape like 10 magnets �� repelling each other together and wrap it in a copper sheet to repel the frequencies.

Luanne M. Ashe

My comment to people who look at me funny for whatever is, "You are not smart enough to tell me how to live." ~ Kathy Schaidle, Five Feet of Fury


I just feel like it's game over. They have researched human behaviour for a very long time and now they have unleashed the perfect societal divider. This "virus" gives them everything they need to control us. They can say that you tested positive and then do whatever they like to you.. you are not a doctor.. they have their experts and you are a threat to everyone else if you disagree..

January Girl

Hey Jeff, I’m in NC. I’ve been driving around for weeks talking to crews which are everywhere!- they all deny 5g installation. Every time I brought it up they would smile or laugh. I’ve also been trying to get into schools to talk to staff but they won’t let me in to talk. Lots of crews are being escorted by cops.

I ended up joining a local Stop 5g and Smart Meters group on Facebook. So I encourage people to start up their own page or join a local group that’s already established then make a plan together to combat this. I also know moms across America has a petition going.

Sunrise 75

January Girl I'm not on Facebook anymore how would I find a group please, really want to do something, ��

January Girl

Sunrise 75 something else I’m doing is printing off a few pages of info on the dangers of 5g then I’m going to hand them to my neighbors. Make sure you hand them visual info like words and pics. You can definitely educate a small area.. then hopefully they too will spread the word. Encourage them not to bring the tech in their home. Do not get the WiGig repeater, tell them not to get a 5g phone and to get rid of wireless devices.

Another idea I had was to get a radiation detector and walk through the neighborhoods then show people the proof.


I just left work for the first time ever because i can no longer stand how the brain-washed sheep are acting. utter insanity


If they don't get you with the vaccine, they will get you with 5G radiation. This is a MASSIVE DEPOPULATION EXERCISE.


Voltman said...

Large-Mouth Pike Pompedo from The Scum Suckers of the Potomac opens his big mouth and tells the truth? There must be some kind of mistake...

Did Pompeo have a BIG SLIP on LIVE TV? (Neither CNN or FOX will show you this)
Dana Ashlie's Take

The Coronavirus and the Culture War
E Michael Jones – Culture March 24, 2020

The Coronavirus is not as Deadly as they say but…
The Giant Zogweed is blanketing the land!

World renowned expert on COVID-HS (Hemorrhagic Stupiditas) quarantines, Quentin Quarantino, has determined the main areas to be cordoned off and completely isolated.

zapoper said...

Fucking great one. Thanks CSM.