March 27, 2020

Trump Says They "Should Have Let Us Know" About "Live Exercise"


Sarah Perry said...

Trump KNOWS and we know Trump KNOWS. Probably all of Congress knows. Probably all the MSMs know.

RickB said...

Correct, Sarah. And as it becomes evident that the people begin to know, overt means of control will be employed.

BREW said...

The more I "know", the less appear to know, as this sh*t is 《two steps forward, three steps back》, upon ever flowing information, making discernment go haywire.

Liam said...

Know what? Who knows?
What vrrus? Where virus? There is no feckin virus.
The only bio-weapons they have are to be deployed on the people are vaccines.
Or are the people a military enemy?
Are they as good as I think, they want me to think they are?