March 05, 2020

Assembly Member Peter Whittle tackles Police Chief Over Harry Miller & R...

                A follow on from the video I posted earlier below. This spineless cop tries to evade very reasonable questions. Sadly, this is what "law and order" has descended into these days. Thought crime is here folks. One solution...reserve all rights!!


Chains said...

I think we should say we all feel victimized by our usurious system. We are slaves under this system. We need to take a page out of Saul D. Alinsky's book Rules for radicals and use their
"rules" against them. The Talmudics are way ahead of us and have come very close to mastering going on the offensive. We little slaves are trying to learn how to defend ourselves on a case by case basis FFS. We are treading water folks. When will people learn that they need to build their communities and know their neighbors and discuss these issues? Men need to become men again. Will it ever happen? These kinds of stories are not designed to empower us. They are meant to scare you into silence!! We need to build communities its the only way we are going to stop this. All these ethnic populations are laughing at our impotence!!!

Chains said...

Saul D. Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals" should be read by anyone who hopes to fight for our survival.I hate to sound like a broken record but the small segment of awakened souls has their work cut out for them. I know I have not really handled it well in my own neighborhood because I talked about these things before really making a real friendship. That is a mistake IMO. However its such a big part of my belief system that it often comes out of my mouth. LOL
We need to recognize that our neighbors and community are the only thing that will save us from this. This "zero tolerance" bullshit they are trying to push in this story will paralyze those with no sense of community.