March 05, 2020

Four Authors Who Commited Journalistic Suicide

Dr. Paul Meyer tells about four writers who dared to publish that which remain unspoken: Dorothy Thompson, Douglas Reed, Benjamin Freedman and Harry Elmer Barnes. Two of Hanne Nabintu Herland's interviews illustrate their perception of truth: Virginia Senator Richard Black and Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer.

I bought "The Controvery of Zion" by Douglas Reed years back and have only recently got around to finally reading it. It's excellent information.


RickB said...

Now that's a senior course I would sign up for.

I consider "The Controversy of Zion" to be foundational reading.

Chains said...

Nona said...

You should, also, read :"The International Jew"- by Henry Ford.

BREW said...

who, if anyone, has the best, comprehensive links to, Ford's, International Yew?

I've had some, now gone.