March 29, 2020

Book of the month - The Moth in the Iron Lung

I purchased this book and am a 1/4 of the way into it. I recommend it!

A fascinating account of the world’s most famous disease—polio— told as you have never heard it before. Epidemics of paralysis began to rage in the early 1900s, seemingly out of nowhere. Doctors, parents, and health officials were at a loss to explain why this formerly unheard of disease began paralyzing so many children—usually starting in their legs, sometimes moving up through their abdomen and arms. For an unfortunate few, it could paralyze the muscles that allowed them to breathe. Why did this disease start to become such a horrible problem during the late 1800s? Why did it affect children more often than adults?


Original Larry said...

Check out Jon Rappoport's blog : "no more fake news" He has been on this stuff going all the way back to the polio vaccine. I would also recommend the book "Dr.Mary's Monkey" by
Ed Haslam.

Amanda said...

Thanks, I'll check this out later...

FWIW- Dr. Suzanne Humprhies has spoken out about the scientific and medical fraud involved with the so-called polio virus–she basically says that people were sick because of the wide spread use of DDT at the time. She did lots of research, has all the data (apparently, back then, people were so into DDT that it was on their wallpaper and paper lining their drawers):

Also, the background on Dr. Humphries is that she was a mainstream physician with a highly lucrative career as a hospital nephrologist, but after one too many of her patients ended up with kidney failure (!!!) after getting a flu shot, she started to get curious and to do her own research (going back and looking at the science of vaccine and viruses). She ended up leaving her practice, and devoting herself to research and speaking out about what’s going on with the vaccines.

More here:
Unfortunately, Jim West tells a different and far more compelling story. He suggests that Polio virus has been used as a pawn to allow the vaccine program to take credit for the damage done by the chemical industry. He states: “A clear, direct, one-to-one relationship between pesticides and polio over a period of 30 years, with pesticides preceding polio incidence in the context of the CNS-related physiology just described, leaves little room for complicated virus arguments, even as a cofactor, unless there exists a rigorous proof for virus causation.”

Corona definitely NOT the first time they've pulled off a virus hoax...

jerry said...

Looking at the pictures of spraying dense clouds of DDT and kids running thru it reminds me of when I was a kid and every year the village would go up and down every street and spray the trees supposedly to kill mosquitoes. Any birds, caterpillars, bees or anything else in the trees were heavily sprayed and probably killed.

It's amazing how stupid we were back then ... and still are, considering chemtrails. One day we'll find out that the chemtrails did very serious damage to ourselves and the environment. A very sad situation.

Liam said...


Vaccines are, and always have been, the bio-weapons, that we must consent to, as insert anything into my body against my will is rape in most or all jurisdictions.