March 29, 2020

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2020.03.29

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guest, Richard with a microphone made for Smurfs. Many callers in hour two.

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BREW said...
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BREW said...

One other item I didn't slip into the discussion was, this demand for more ventilators and other such medical equipment, as this "Coronavirus" pandemic and crisis,

nearly only exists in the media and state and federal capital buildings, where politicians speak to the media.

The crying and complaining and dire demand, expressing immediacy for more life saving medical equipment, supplies, protective gear, *ventilators* and of course, money [money money money!].

What is it with these ventilators? In the past week, we heard the mayor of New York City declare a dire need for 30 thousand ventilators - like, now! Its President Trump's fault the mayor didn't have then, as they also imply that the "Coronavirus" pandemic is Trump's fault as well.

We later learn - within days, NYC has thousands of these desperately needed ventilators, stored in warehouses, with no action being taken to distribute them to hospitals, care centers, clinics, or any place else that was being over run with patients, stricken by "Coronavirus", and in need of life saving medical attention.

Long winded thus far, I know, however the point is, what is it with these ventilators? First, they are a significant piece if equipment - nothing to sneeze at [pun intended] - they are large, costly, and surely something not just thrown together, requiring precision and calibration, finite care, and so on.

Anyway - why or how is it that NYC had thousands of these sitting in warehouses? How long have they been there? What was NYC anticipating? What did they know and when did they know it?

The obvious is that much of this revolves around and has to do with money [money money money!]. Money laundering. Payoffs. Investments in the medical equipment, supply and pharmaceutical companies that they're making these purchases from, as they use government funds to make such purchases, in abundance, even as they have no need for them.

Some items are time sensitive, with expiration dates, only to be thrown away, unused, because they were stored in a warehouse, as part of crooked politicians and bearucrats fraud and money laundering scheme.

I dunno -- we've been hashing this out on radio shows, round tables, and various other places, and it doesn't appear we are any closer to the truth, or the end of this entire ordeal.

Today, President Trump pushed out the original date of America's grand reopening, from Easter (April 12), to April 30. Trump suggested there is a rise in "Coronavirus" cases, and more precautions needed.

The more I know, the less I know. There are so many layers, we will die of being smothered to death, rather than a Coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus vs CoVid-19.
I did a search this evening for, "celebrities with Coronavirus" and "percentage of people dying from Coronavirus" and "Coronavirus common cold".

First, the celebrities that are claiming Coronavirus, are a joke. The intentional confusion, and or being non-specific, between "Coronavirus" and "CoVid-19", is blank-blank joke.

I suggest doing the celebrities search and reading the names and their claims, via twitter, Instagram, and other. Lots of has beens, wanna be's, and in my eyes, probable creepers from Hollywood, sports world, music arena, and elsewhere. Attention whores and Democrat, baby killing, Clinton loving, perverted Bolshevik pricks.

Typing this off the mobile device isn't easy. Currently listening to Robert Reyvoldt of Incendiary Radio @ RBN -- best show to wrap up the week -- if you dont listen, then I highly suggest it.

BREW said...

I sent a note to the producer (Mitch) early on in the show, and Jim as well, sharing how poor the guests volume was, and the consensus was, 'they can hear him'.

Being on the call, it was eminently worse.

Paul 《hush》 while the guest we can barely hear is speaking - Thank You.

BREW said...

re: ventilators

Also to note, these machines are specialized and require personnel that is trained to operate them, often requiring a weeks worth of training.

re: celebrities Coronavirus cases [alleged]

It appears the "Coronavirus" has a higher rate among the entertainment and political class, than it does the common man/woman.

According to Dr Steven Hotze, recently @ Don Jefferies, I protest @ TFR, chances of being diagnosed with CoVid-19, is 1 in 600 thousand.

KnownUnknown said...

BREW mate if you refuse to accept that Trump is a psyop and this all part of his re-election movie, i don't know what to tell you. The fat idiot talks about ratings ffs!!

As for ventilators, when your lungs are full of fluid you need one pretty bad. The ventilators would be sitting in storage because they've been rated but haven't been brought into operation yet, before you can put any piece of medical equipment on the floor of a hospital it has to be tested and rated by the biomed department at the hospital.

I genuinely can't understand why anyone can't see through Trump at this point.

BREW said...

Look dude -- we are all playing with hands we have been dealt, regardless of which sphere it is.

Our best and only option is to make every attempt to flip the script, and that ain't gonna happen by conceding.

Scorpio said...

The call ins to this show were a free for all. Too many people talking over each other.

BREW said...

It always turns into a 《free for all》 @ Fetzer Raw Deal, as it essentially becomes a *round table, rather than a one-by-one, call-in show.

Guests should have more air-time, even while accepting callers, however, too often, such as with Richard, we can barely hear him.

Then we have some callers that are impatient and waiting their turn to speak, or simply not making noises while others are speaking, often being heard are their 《sighs》 or anguish or disappointment, or even agreement with what is being said by another --

I don't like the stepping on each other -- it's not good radio.

That said, some impromptu callers need to be stepped on, for several different reasons.

Anyway - who cares, right?! Let's just give up, because we obviously have lost sight on how to get ahead of this world domination effort by the nefarious ones.

KnownUnknown said...


If they're all so anti each other why are they constantly tied at the hip making sure that nothing gets done except giving away TRILLIONS!

Has Trump arrested anyone yet? Has he told everyone about the hoax??

You guys are blind

BREW said...
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BREW said...

We aren't blind -- our hands are tied and voices stifled.

If any of us had a direct line of communication to any of these media outlets, or buildings that the parasites linger in and shout their commands from, we would let our disapproval and disappointments known 《loudly》 and further it by telling them how we want things handled and dealt with and conducted. This is what we would do.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

So, Trump's entire first term has almost ended, and people are still clinging to the JewAnon Trump savior dream. What happens at the end of his second term BREW? I know what happens: the crowd will say that he put all of the chess pieces in place secretly behind the scenes and military intelligence patriots + loyal senators are going to continue his mission! Any day now the arrests will come, when they are ready!

This is an "Obama was the best President we ever had, I wish he could have served a 3rd term" HOPE AND CHANGE situation all over again. Just inverted, this time played against the conservative crowd, with a crafty spin on it to fool truthers who have been waking up after 9/11.

The left vs. right fake paradigm goes on forever. They always pretend to obstruct the other side when it comes to making things happen that would benefit us, but somehow they always agree and vote quickly on the horrific bills that follow crises like 9/11 and corona. The agenda marches on, while they fool us with nice speeches.

Left always pretending that they are working hard to make a change but the greedy heartless Right won't let them. Right always pretending that they are fighting hard to protect our rights from the loony Left. Meanwhile things ONLY get worse and we ONLY get more restrictions on our rights, as they vote in unison on every policy that the people do not want.

Trump is a Zionist Freemason actor, a high level bad guy, and an honorary Rabbi.

KnownUnknown said...

How is Trump any different to any old stupid Republican? He just whores to Fox News - the original fake news - and gives trillions to Wall St and lies about immigration.

Fetzer keeps saying he remade the Republican party but they're the exact same bunch of jerks they always were!

KnownUnknown said...

Bart with two posts shows why he's a retarded trump tard!

Probably a raging homo like all the alt right fags for trump...

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Bartholomew Beauregard you do not understand CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. You understand that the mainstream media lies to you, but you have barely scratched the surface. They say "Orange man bad" so you conclude that he is good. You have so many layers of the onion to peel back, to understand this deception.

This is a sophisticated game that they have been playing for centuries. Lies, False Flags, Hoaxes, Rigged Systems, Agents, Actors. They create BOTH the HEROES and the VILLAINS from their own actors, and play us against each other, and string us along. But they are in control. Government, celebrities, CEOs (front men actors) are all in their club. It is you who desperately does not get it. Keep thinking that superhero Trump showed up to save the day from nemesis Hillary and the pedos!

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Bart, I and others have tried to explain some things to you. And you simply reply "no lol, Trump is good" every time. Actually, the way you say completely uninformed things about 9/11 and other events, you might be a troll. I don't know how you can be on this blog but be so intentionally uninformed.

If you can't articulate your position, other than "Jew media says he is bad", which is how they always play the game using their own created heroes and villains and actors, then it is you who is deceived and in a cult. You can't defend your position but cling to it anyway. You desperately want to believe in Trump. I also wanted to, a couple years ago. But it is time to face the truth. If you want to stand any chance of understanding this world.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Alright Bart. Fox News rabid Zionist freaks like Hannity and Jeanine tell you that Trump is good. That's the mainstream angle.

QAnon shill jewtubers, Shekels Moneyjeux, Rabbi Steven Crowder, Lauren Simonsen, Faith Goldstein, Ezra Levant, and Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson, tell you that Trump is good. That's the controlled opposition alternative media angle.

So whether you prefer mainstream media, or alternative media, the lowest common denominator Zionist agents, artificially made popular, have already reassured you of Trump's good intentions and deeds.

So why are you here? What have you learned from this blog and the programs covered here? I know about 9/11 and Charlottesville and the Synagogue Shooting Hoaxes and the False Flag Wars. Does Trump? What will he do about it? Nothing because he is a part of it. But please enlighten us.

Voltman said...

Hey Bartholomew the Third and hopefully the last, I was going to tear you another asshole, but then decided to let Yukon Jack do the job for me since he just happened to write a few heartfelt words about President Bullshit, the BLOTUS, King Vyrus the Worst.

Yukon Jack:
Trump is a lying scumbag. There is no other way to say it, the man is blatantly lying in public speeches about Iran being a terroristic nation, it’s nuclear enrichment program, and a threat to Israel. Israel is the tail wagging the Amerikan dog. Trump is the selected stooge stoking negative sentiment against Iran. Trump works for his masters: arch Zionist pig demons Sheldon Adelson and Bibi Netanyahu.

Trump’s war on Iran is immoral and illegal. Trump should be arrested and put in a cage for what he is doing to Iran. Iran has never attacked the United States, Iran has never threatened the United States, Iran is a victim of Zionist aggression and Trump is the whore who is torturing Iran for his owners. All you need to know about Trump is with his Iran policies, he is a mother fucking asshole from hell fucking Iran because that is what Rothschilds and Israel wants.

But that’s not all, Trump is in on this “Coronavirus Coup”. The only person on this fucked up planet that benefited from this plague is Bibi Netanyahu, he has managed to get out of his corruption trial and put Israel into lockdown. They are calling it Bibi’s Corona Coup, he is now dictator of Israel, but of course our Jewmedia hasn’t told you any of this.

America’s Rubicon: RIP Republic | Jack Mullen

The coronavirus “Plandemic” was the grand finale for the former United States of America. We have come to the end of a long, drawn-out fight between the ideas of self government and liberty and collectivism, religious dogmatism and totalitarianism. As America’s great idea was snuffed out and the Constitutional government given over to financial fascism, hardly anyone noticed, and most even lent a hand, staying home in self-quarantine – after all the government was just concerned about their health.

The Americans’ willingness to stand down, and do martial-law in-place, is unprecedented in American history and signals all-clear to the looters, communists, perverts and psychopaths who have been chipping away at the USA for more than 100 years.

With zero understanding of economics and the financial system, zombie Americans believe shuttering the economy for weeks and maybe months can be tolerated by a financial system already in full-on collapse and that it can be done at no cost to them.

Played like a fiddle by the Trump administration, supported by the QAnon psychological operation, Americans are barely complaining.

Trump and Pence are Sock Puppets of Israel

"All Presidents since JFK are whores of Jewish power. Police state Amerika is the slavish whore of Israel and all the recent Presidents are nothing but Goy dressing on the entrenched Jewish power structure. Regardless of what was said during the election cycle, the elected suit will do what he is told by Netanyahu and Israel.



Trump is no exception – he is the ZOG Emperor, he was sold to us “like a bag of potato chips”. With Trump we will get more wars, more bankruptcy, more suffering, more decline, and whatever remaining values we had as a “Christian” culture will be shredded by the Talmudists who are dead set on taking us down. Make no mistake about Trump, he is a lackey of Jewish power."

For the rest of this controlled demolition of King Vyrus the Worst:

The Trump PsyOp that Fooled Amerika

zapoper said...

@ Bartholomew Beauregard III

Why do you assume that I'm the one deleting your comments? The admin that's been deleting your comments got pissed at you for calling him an asshole or an idiot.(words to that effect).

What do you expect is going to happen when you insult an admin on a website?

We mostly let shit slide here but there are limits.

Red Orchid said...
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Red Orchid said...

Read the interesting comments no need to listen to the show, thanks for that.

KnownUnknown said...

It's not even true that Jews media are anti Trump - just look at fucking Fox!!!

Meanwhile cocksuckers like "im a libertarian - when government fears the people we are free" Alex Chokes is all "yes sir Mr President! Right behind you sir!!"?

GTFOH Beau booboo

Panzerfaust said...

Well said sir.