March 21, 2020

COVID-911 2020 | UAP

Here are a few interesting comments from the comment section of this vireo,

Jezzie411 * 1 day ago

I work in an insurance agency. (Yes, UAP, I watched your one video on the insurance lol). Anyways, there is NO coverage for business interruption. Property must be damaged by a covered peril. Viruses, bacteria, and mold are specifically excluded. No coverage exists for what is happening to these small business owners. We are a 90% commercial lines agency and most of our insureds are small business owners. I have had so many calls about this already. Next will come the fires unfortunately. Fire is a covered peril and when business owners can't make ends meet, the fires come. I haven't had one disability claim or call for anybody who came down with this flu. This whole scenario makes me angry, not fearful. I can't believe people are so panicked and afraid. You cannot believe anything the mainstream media tells you. They are not your friend, do not care about you, and lie repeatedly. If you had a spouse like that, you would dump them. I've dumped the mainstream media.

Will Ramirez 1 day ago

I’ve noticed on the news outlets that they (government officials) refer to corona virus as an “ Event” . Then I had an epiphany.... remember a few years back in hip hop music, the fad/ fashion of wearing bandannas or scarfs over the face, and , some of the dance moves/gestures of covering the face around/over the mouth. Then I looked up virus in an old 1828 Webster dictionary etymology Latin : means poison ☠️, then says see virulent : means intention to cause injury, malignant, then says see venom : spite, malice, raging furious ...see venor: to hunt.


WWS said...

Mentions 9/11 but doesn't stick to WTC-7.
No CGI argument necessary. No plane.
Obvious controlled demolition.
No viable argumentation.

Same stupidity for nearly two decades.
Or is it really just obfuscation?

zapoper said...

ROFL @ this guy who thinks he's going to "wake up" people with this video.

Chains said...

Message to Zap from Thumper