March 21, 2020

House of Numbers

              This about the HIV/AIDS scam and is now so relevant now with this Covid 19 scam. The questions that need to be asked are: 1. Are viruses real? 2. Is it fear and trauma that cause dis-eases? 3. Are the testing results being fudged to bring about a specific agenda? 4. Look at the amounts of tax dollars/euros/pounds that are being used to fudge those numbers. 5. Who benefits?

Need I say more??? 


Brizer said...

Note to all potential dictators out there: One way to control the world is to strike fear into the hearts of the population by lying incessantly about some "pandemic" and they are all about to die if they don't conform to social distancing and watch them fall for it. Easy peasy! 😂😂

Liam said...

Stop making sense, it is or will be an offense under statute law.
Fear compromises immunity. Just "shell-shock" the populace and watch how they sicken themselves. How many have had themselves tested, for fear of having been infected? The trauma of hearing the statement "You've got it" would be enough for many. The PLANDEMIC requires your consent and participation, or it won't feckin work.

Amanda said...

Thanks for this Brizer--watched this years ago and it woke me up to the whole HIV/AIDS scam. They killed millions of healthy people off with this and made billions doing it. Fauci was involved with this one, and now he's involved with corona.

fwiw- just realized that corona is crown in Spanish, which reminded me of the Crown city of London:

The Crown is the Corporation of London, now known as City of London Corporation, and nicknamed the Square Mile. It is the privately held corporate City State of London. It has a Council of 12 members (Board of Directors), headed by a 'Lord Mayor', whose election is 'regulated' by the Rothschild and other Banking institutions.

Looks like a calling card to me, telling us they are behind it (but we already knew that)