April 24, 2020

Dare To Think Out Loud Ep.# 6: The True Conspiracy Behind the Lincoln Assassination

Scorpio joins host LB Bork in an in-depth interview with Mike Gaddy who discusses the real conspiracy behind the assassination of President Lincoln and its  implications on our world today. 

Mike Gaddy is an expert on history who has more than 40 years in researching primary source material and discerning the real history from that of 'court historians'. The research of Dave McGowan influenced Mike's understanding of this topic. 

LB Bork is the author of the book 'The Red Amendment' and an expert on the communist plot for world control and the 14th amendment.

LB Bork's website:  https://www.pacinlaw.us
Link to 'The Red Amendment' Book : http://www.redamendment.net

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Red Orchid said...

Scorpio...is that you Dave

Red Orchid said...

Yes it is

WWS said...

Not a single mention of Problem ONE — the Jew.

Fortunately, this critical flaw in Southern thinking is being overcome by leaders like Dr. Michael Hill, who does not avoid the hottest topic of our time: Jew perfidy.

BillyBob said...

Mr. Bork has been gouging people $60 for his book for years. There are many other researchers who have exposed way more than Bork, and they do it for free. Beware!

LB Bork said...

People's Awareness Coalition has a rule, Operatives and Opportunists do the same damage. Billy Bob rather keep being taken by those in control over allowing a movement to get funded. Seriously. Useful idiots are what they are called, if such trolls are not getting paid by the status quo. There are tons of free papers available to those who are interested in joining us... start here... http://www.pacinlaw.us/bottomline

Help us be those in control their worst nightmare. Ignore idiots.
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