April 24, 2020

COVID-19 Is Not A Pandemic It Is Democide

            Max Igan nails it here. If we don't act NOW and get people motivated we're f*cked


Chains said...

I have not watched it yet Brizar but both my parents and my wife's parents will not visit with us. It's that kind of fear that is widespread, No? I'm getting so frustrated and really starting to believe we are in an extremely difficult position. I'm going to watch this when I get home.

Red Orchid said...

Apparently food is about to run out, if it is, it's probably due to incompetence rather than by design.

If it is true, the haves who want to have more are also going to have to learn to eat less.

Red Orchid said...

Less than 80 dead in Australia

More than 18,000 dead in UK

Is anybody else's bullshit detector going off?

Amanda said...

Haven't finished watching it, but agree if we don't act now and get people motivated we are totally screwed.

fwiw, in case anyone is interested, I transcribed some of it on how they are inflating the deaths:

At 1:04 min, a woman from the state of Illinois says “I just want to be clear on the definition of people dying of covid. The case definition is very simplistic. It means at the time of death it was a covid positive diagnosis. That means if you were in hospice and already given a few weeks to live and then you were also found to have covid, then that would be a covid death. Technically, even if you died of a clear alternative cause, but you had covid at the same time, it’s still listed as a covid death. So, everyone that’s listed as a covid death, that doesn’t mean that covid was the cause of death. It means they had covid at the time of death.

(I have no idea who that woman is or what her role is)

Forge The Bond said...

@ Amanda

For some time now, they've been running a similar scam with breast cancer - for obvious 'industry benefits'. Dr. Daniels, a woman who had a show on RBN, dedicated a program to the issue, and deconstructed the official jargon and statistical voodoo, with the bottom line being that about 95% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will die *with* it, not *of* it.

jerry said...

Concerning the jews and their hatred for white people, here's the link to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's book "200 Years Together". Formerly banned thruout the world, it has now been completely translated into English. It's in .pdf format and it's about 656 pages long: https://mega.nz/file/iK4XBKbA#tzVBkH71Xg0l4R4WaqbvFnsMw7-Cs9JiWWPe4I0DUnQ The cruelty of the jewish monsters towards the white Russiam people should make those of us who (particularly we whites) sympathize with the jews and their so-called "holocaust" wise up concerning their true vile nature!!!

What is being implemented in the U.S. under the guise of the phony covid-19 scamdemic? https://holodomor.ca/holodomor-basic-facts/ Our governors are shutting down meat packing plants, forcing dairy farmers to dump their milk alongside roadways, and forbidding foreign workers from coming in to harvest plant based crops. AND the governors have zero Constitutional authority to instigate these orders. Neither Federal nor state Constitutions give them this authority!!!

IMPEACH, CONVICT, then PROSECUTE WITH DEATH PENALTY consequences!!! These people are enemys of humanity, not just Americans. Trump, Cuomo (including baby brother Fredo) Whitmer, Newsom, et al are in on this from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads ... we, the American people have to come to grips with the facts that these people are not our friends!!!

jerry said...

Here's the kind of guy these pandemic scammers love: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/04/philippines-president-duterte-shoot-to-kill-order-pandemic/

Didn't "the Fetch" just moved over there?

Captain Ahab said...

We have to operate on the 'worst case scenario' as far as where they are taking us. Bolshevism 2.0! What makes our situation much more perilous now compared to say 100yrs ago is the technology that can be used against us. The level of cybernetic domination they are aiming for is ubiquitous and total!

Brizer said...

@ Amanda. That lady is Dr Ngozi Ezike, director of the Department of Public Health, Illinois.

Amanda said...

ForgetheBond Thanks for the info. I know a lot about the breast cancer scam but didn't know that. Also, I remember Dr. Carley said you should never get a bioposy (b/c your body is making a tumor to encapsulate the toxins and push it out of your body- if you puncture it with a biopsy, then it spreads). Years ago I had a small lump suddenly appear--I didn't need to look for it b/c it was suddenly sticking out of me(!!!). I found an article at lewrockwell about breast cancer and iodine, got some Lugol's Iodine and actually painted in right on the lump and I took Graviola. It was probably gone within 2-3 months. I'll never know for sure what it was, but it's completely gone and never came back. I kind of thought it had to do with Fukushima radiation that was supposedly blowing over at that time.

Brizer- thanks!

Forge The Bond said...

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