April 23, 2020

Government Taken To Court, 5g, Vaccines, Build Our Own Army


Chains said...

Yeah we need to do this if we can assemble. There is a fairly large Filipino community in Manitoba. These people are one of the more brain dead groups reacting to this fake pandemic. Manitobe is very low in terms of cases. I guess these store owners are taking a page from their dear leader from the old country's playbook.

LOL Read this bit from the story,

"In addition, the store has a new code to remind employees to practise safety measures. When employees hear the code "activate 88" announced over the store's intercom, they have to change their gloves and wash their hands. (The code was chosen at random as something simple employees could quickly recognize.)"

So it seems what this story is saying is retailers make their own rules. Fucking bullshit!

Taking temperatures, scheduled handwashing and masks: How a Winnipeg grocery store is responding to COVID-19

AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

They own the fucking courts. You have to drag those bastards out of their palaces on street by their hairs and rip theirs throats with bare hands.The civil war coming to Europe,Australia and America.The jew swines will not stop,they want us death.Bible say that if Our Father will not intervene all will be lost.HaleluYah.I have enough this F***g garbage.

Chains said...

Sounds great Adolf, I see nothing but compliance in my city here in Canada. I agree with you that this has been an easy and silent takeover because we have become a brain dead slave class
that's the first thing that has to be admitted. Maybe if there's time we could start a support group called brain dead citizens anonymous. Each meeting would start with "Hi my name is ____
and I'm brain dead.