April 22, 2020

Israel's Maccabi Healthcare Services Launches AI-Powered Algorithm to Detect Potential High-Risk COVID-19 Cases

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel's leading HMO with 2.4 million members, announced today the deployment of a new AI-powered algorithm that identifies individuals estimated to be at the highest risk of severe COVID-19 complications due to pre-existing conditions and other health factors. The new algorithm has already identified the top 2% of highest-risk patients (approximately 40,000 people), following analysis of all Maccabi patients' anonymized electronic health records (EHRs).

The algorithm was developed by Medial EarlySign and the Kahn-Sagol-Maccabi Research and Innovation Institute. Medial EarlySign is a technology leader in machine learning-based solutions that aid in the early detection and prevention of high-burden diseases. The company is currently in advanced negotiations with prominent medical systems in the United States who are interested in the algorithm as part of their COVID-19 healthcare protocols.

I feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you JEWS!


Chains said...

So am I wrong or is this saying they are going to identify the weak in the heard. From there they plan on doing a whole lot of caring i suppose?

Voltman said...

It will go way beyond israhel! They have centralized all the world's information in israhel; they have given themselves the "right", along with the US, to assassinate anybody anywhere in the world. They are owned by the Rothschild empire of usury, misery, tyranny, thievery, impunity, hypocrisy, insanity and mass murder on a scale unseen since World War II.

They are OBVIOUSLY going to murder those they consider undesirable i.e. those with a brain and a conscience, the old and the useless, the bold and the truthful. I wonder how many years it's going to take the Q-tards to figure that one out?!

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

If Obama did Martial Law, all of us would know that something serious is up. But Trump shuts the country down, and Qtards say "they are secretly rounding up all the pedos".

When Obama destroys Lybia and drones several other countries, we all know that he is an enormous war criminal. When Trump agitates against Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, Qtards say "high level deep state actors must be holed up in these areas, and Trump will send in the Spec Ops guys to get them! Drones strikes to destroy their super-villian compounds!"

Obama pulls Sandy Hook, and we all know the gun grab agenda. Trump poses with multiple rabbis from multiple Synagogue Shooting Hoaxes in order to pull Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, as well as Anti-Semitism Laws, and Qtards say "save Israel for last! There are secret patriots in the Republican party and they have all the info! They know everything! Disclosure is coming!"

They are a cult at this point. They will never get it. Because the exact same actions that were so feared and reviled, instantly become acceptable if one particular person does them: Donald Trump. Qtards are no longer analysing events, they are ONLY looking at the person involved. If Trump does it, it MUST be good in their minds. So they instantly make up a 4D Chess story to excuse it.

One of the most successful psyops in a long time.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

And one more thing. I hear this a lot from callers on Revolution Radio. Some piece of news will break, of Trump doing something bad, and the very same day the Q cult will make up their 4D Chess explanation.

But then they will flood call in shows repeating the idea, but they frame it as "sources have said that:........."

They just flat out lie and pretend that some kind of credible sources gave them a real reason to believe that Trump the Wizard is appearing to be exactly the same as other Presidents, including his horrific cabinet, while actually literally saving the entire world secretly behind the scenes.

It is painfully obvious BS and they are not helping the truth community at all by making things up. We are here to use our brains to find the truth through research and analysis. They just want their fairy-tale to be true. Some of them are LARPers. Some of them were legit, but just got into the magical story too deep.