April 05, 2020

You Can't Catch a Virus Tom Barnett


par said...

..cult of personality ..cheat cheat cheat! ..programmable material is programmable material is programmable material is DNA, RNA, is mtDNA, a high white blood cell count is the immune system activated ..ingestion of programmable material is programmable material is programmable material..


..99 % truths with any how little amount of of BS is PROGRAMMABLE RAT POISON ..he makes "mental jujitzy".. ..HE IS CONTAGEOUS MENTAL VIRAL INFECTION!!!!

..beware military trained MENTAL PROGRAMMED VIRAL AGENTS!!!!!

RAT POISON IS MENT FOR SONSUMTION to have your leathal dose!!!!!!!!!!!

He says viruses can not be "catched" only "catched"!


..we will learn from mistakes ..not from injecting military jujitzu psyops personality cult pandering (himself) VIIIIIRUS!!!

Panzerfaust said...

Why are you posting this stuff Ogster?

par said...

..make a revers decoding of his speech to hear his subconscious messages and give me who this "mental a peal to authority jujitzy master" to scrutinize "who is he" ..peeeeeersonality cult pandering!!! ..study ..instead of listen to "quick fix guy's"! ..educate and finally our days "flogiston" will never turn into "oxidation leads to reduction of free available O2 for oxidation leaving Nitrogen (un-oxidizeable) left and "no more fire"..

Harry McFudd said...

Someone realizes that the media is lying to us about the virus so they jump on the soapbox with a whacky idea that all common knowledge about viruses is wrong.

This guy's opening statement is meaningless drivel. "How can we catch something that is not alive?" Is he a moron? Why did you post this Ogster? Were you trying to impress us?

We have all seen personally someone around us with a cold/flu and then we catch the damn thing. I have seen these things go through my whole family. There is a method of transfer and it does not have to be fucking alive.


par said...

..no ..it is ok we have the "debate" ,,but obviously some (like me) around here get's the "flat eath" vibes from "this ongoing side tracking truthers" with "rat poison bones to chew on" ..it builds on "let me give you tons of correct stuff" and then hope you close your eys when I piss in your well..

..I am tempted to post a long "shit on the virus don't exist meme guy's" post from Patrick Jordans e-mail list ..it does not mean Patrick or I am "right" to the n-th degree ..it means we should hold standards (and thinking skills) high and strive for developing thinking..

..funny how the moon eclipses - of a "flat earth" is "projected" as a counter round sphere of the moon disc.. ..a FLAT ASS! ..is not sexy!

Steve said...

Why do some people get so upset about things ? I don't go around having a tantrum when something is posted somewhere that I may not like or understand and I certainly never accept something as true or fact by one video. If the subject interests me i'll search for more info, books etc then I will either decide to accept, reject or put it on my 'not sure' list until such time I can bring more clarity to the subject. Calm down people there really is no need to be like children and throw a tantrum. There is MUCH more info out there on this subject. If you believe that viruses exist in the way they've been taught, fine, if not then fine. Maybe go read about Pasteur for a start. Then look into the HIV/AIDS topic - its called researching things. If on the other hand you are so sure that viruses cause disease, then there is 100 000 euro's awaiting you for proof that measles is caused by a measles virus from Dr Stefan Lanka - good luck with that, then of course you always have the option of producing the worlds first ever scientific paper with your evidence.

Brizer said...

@ Steve. It's called cognitive dissonance. A case of throwing toys out of the crib when their paradigm is challenged.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but an opinion is just hearsay not an established fact. So Dr. Hamer of German New Medicine is wrong then after 30 years of research? Jewish doctors stole his research and used his methods for Jews only where they witnessed great results but pushed Gentile doctors to use chemo and vaccinations for non jews. He called them out on this and was labelled an anti-semite and they hounded him along with their medical mafia minions until he died. By the way, Dr. Hamer cured himself of testicular cancer and went on to live until he was 92.

What he proved was that viruses are actually particles like antibodies, proteins or fats and that cold and flu is a healing crisis due to a previous trauma, not something that was passed from one to another. Many other doctors also researched this and proved Hamer was right and they were silenced. Sound familiar?

And yes,Steve you are correct about Dr. Stefan Lanka. The 100,000 euro is still up for grabs for anyone who can prove viruses exist. So off you go guys...prove him wrong! Reminds me of David Irving who put up his own money for any jews could prove him wrong about the holohoax.

Please listen to my show with Ilsedora Laker of GNM

And here's another recent show she did with Patrick Timpone

Please listen carefully guys and don't be so close minded. You're playing right into the jewish game.

Panzerfaust said...

".it builds on "let me give you tons of correct stuff" and then hope you close your eys when I piss in your well.."

Panzerfaust said...

People don't like having their intelligence insulted.

Brizer said...

@ Panzerfaust

Are these really viruses or the figment of somebody's imagination? https://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/dr-stefan-lanka-debunks-pictures-of-isolated-viruses/

There's a 100 grand up for grabs to prove this man wrong. Go for it.

Liam said...

What? I can't catch a virus, even if you throw it at me and I have my pitcher's glove on? You are making sense Og.

Panzerfaust said...

So the Anthrax false flag of 9/11 was a hoax? The bio-weapons lab at Fort Dietrich, MD it was traced to is a hoax facility?

Scorpio said...

Yeah, that's a good question. What do they do all day at bio-weapon facilities all day?
Sharpen their pencils and shuffle papers?
Don't forget, Ft. Dietrich isn't Amerikwa's only bio-weapon facility, it's only the best well known.
They've been working on this shit since WW II

Panzerfaust said...

The Small Pox blankets given to Indians were also fake.

Liam said...

No one here is insulting intelligence, if this is perceived, then how?

"The Small Pox blankets given to Indians were also fake."

Pathogens exist, bacteria, parasites, fungi, they are infectious and do cause dis-ease.
The "virus" as sold to us as an infectious pathogen is a lie. A BIG LIE.

Look at Bechamp vs Pastuer

Bechamp - "The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything"

Pastuer made the allopathic medicine possible with his "germ theory" which he recanted on his deathbed and upheld Bechamp's findings.

Those destroying now have never been creators and have always been destroyers.

Panzerfaust said...

"Pastuer made the allopathic medicine possible with his "germ theory" which he recanted on his deathbed"
Source please

Liam said...

Panzerfaust - Granted this is marketing, not evidence, but trust it will urge you to learn more' There is alot more on archive.org

At Marone Family Wellness, we make recommendations to patients analyzed with infectious illness using the guidelines set forth by Antoine Bechamp:

“Treat the patient, not the infection.”


Panzerfaust said...

So you have no reliable source evidence of this BOGUS CLAIM.

Brizer said...

@ Panzerfaust

Have you a source that viruses exist? If so, take it to Dr. Lanka, prove it and 100k shekels is waiting for you. And when you win, share it around to all on Mami's and we'll have a good drink up.


Panzerfaust said...

I don't happen to have an electron microscope atm.

Panzerfaust said...

Brizer I am curious, what do you think occurred on 9/11?

Brizer said...

@ Panzerfaust.

I don't really know because I wasn't there when it happened. Could it be thermite, mini nukes, directed energy weapons, no planes, CGI, did anyone die etc etc? I'm open to all explanations but that doesn't mean I be-lie-ve them. Was Israel involved? More than likely but then again I have no real proof much like flat earth so I can't make a determination.

But I do know what has happened since and it's similar to the same script with this Covid 19 shite. Our world will not be the same again and will get 100 times worse unless WE get out there and do something about it.

So what do we do NOW? Well let's start at the basics and move on from there for example by helping our elderly and vulnerable folk by delivering food to their homes and talking with them. Help them open a jam jar, light a fire for them or change a light bulb and get friends and neighbours involved. Wake them up while we still have a chance. You'll be suprised how many people are now more open to the stuff we have been talking about for years. It's landed in their lap out of nowhere and they need guidance and who better than us to guide them.

We have one opportunity now. The time for talking,arguing and being a keyboard commando is over. It's time for action! It's like sovereignty...use it or lose it.

And after we sort all that shite out we will try figure out whether viruses exist or not and we'll all club together and buy you an electron microscope and you can give us your "Eureka" moment ok? lol

Panzerfaust said...

I think some need to retake high school biology.

Brizer said...

@ Panzerfaust

Tell that to Dr. Lanka. I'm sure he'll say "Shit! How did I miss that video? Years and years of research down the drain" lol

Panzerfaust said...

Fuck him.

Liam said...

A truly intellectual response there, Panzerfaust
9-11 is not relevant here in this interaction, what is, is the belief in the germ theory which enables the world government to lock down 150 plus countries at much the same time. do not actions speak louder than words. The worldwide lockdown shows we have a world government and probably have since 1948