April 05, 2020

Og's Podcast 5th April - The #Covid1984 Scam

Recorded Sunday 5th April 2020

Plus smoking guns evidence from Geneva's biggest hospital .


Amanda said...

listening now...

The agenda of the psychopaths is so IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at this: https://immunosafety.com/

Your Personal, Secure, Digital Immunity Certificate; Safely re-engage post-COVID19. A digital Immunity Passport for the 21st Century

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic and ensuing global shutdown has demonstrated the need for instantaneous, verified, and individual-consent public screening for immunities, vaccines, and travel history.

During the apex of the coronavirus scare, with lockdowns of cities, regions and entire countries, a large and unknown portion of the population was without differentiation excluded from the workforce, causing enormous economic consequences for them personally, for the availability of basic goods and services, and for the health of national and global economies themselves. Such moments put a high premium for workforce that is low risk or provably immune.

We must build new institutions of public trust to fill the gap left by governmental and non-governmental public entities.
@ImSafePass, your digital Immuno-Safety Passport, is a new, independent, citizen-powered trust-but-verify platform for the bio-safety age.

Amanda said...


From "Mamboni" (a real MD):
Watch this video entitled "Doctor explains the COVID deception." I will explain for those who don't have time to watch. The doctors in China claiming to have isolated COVID-19 virus in fact identified normal subcellular particles called exosomes. All their studies are from a single patient with symptoms. Also, this purported virus was never isolated and purified so that validating RNA could be prepared. Rather, these clowns found a unique RNA fragment in this patient and decided that it must be the virus. The bottom line is that they never proved that this particle was transmissable or the cause of any illness. The so-called RT-PCR test for coronavirus is measuring an unrelated RNA fragment that is likely a non-specific fragment generated by cellular toxicity. Further, the PCR test in general is far too sensitive and non-specific to be used to test populations and will generate false positives in preponderance, even if the test was validated with a unique RNA sequence. So bottom line is the Covid-19 PCR test that the authorities are administering is worthless and cannot be used as evidence of COVID-19 infection. And the very existence of a COVID-19 virus is now in question. Because these exosomal particles are generated in response to general cell toxicity, the test is likely detecting evidence of underlying toxicity or stress. I must conclude that people with influenza are being labeled as COVID-19 infected. The reasons for the reported numbers of dead are the same reasons for death from influenza: elderly patients with comorbidities who have always been the preferred victims of influenza. High death rates in Wuhan China are correlated with high levels of pollution, age and comorbidities and possibly 5G. Any external stress of toxicity will generate these exosomal particles. The people in Italy who are dying are dying from influenza. Idiot doctors are following the orders of their administrators to test everyone, virtually guaranteeing lots of positives and creating COVID-19 victims ex vacuo. This explains why death rates are virtually unchanged year over year. TPTB are literally fabricating a COVID-19 test by testing influenza patients with a pseudotest for a virus that probably doesn't even exist. They've shut down the entire world economy becuase of common seasonal flu. What incredible morons! If this is deliberate then this catastrophe will kill millions from starvation and suicides over wrecked businesses and lives/ Far more will die from the so-called treatment than the [imaginary] disease. This is so typical of modern medicine: more often than not the treatment is far worse than the disease.

For the record, I have personal experience with performing all of the tests discussed. Identifying a virus from a electron micrograph is akin to staring a scribble of lines or patterns and claiming to see a face or specific object. EM creates incredibly detailed images. A candidate particle has to be isolated (immunoelectrophoresis, centrifugation, etc), purified, cloned and injected into test subjects and proved to cause the disease in question. Further, the same agent must be isolated from these test patients and injected into a second set of control subjects and shown to cause the disease. None of this validation was done!

Doctor explains the COVID deception.

Voltman said...

Ken Swartz says the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is making its big move.

The end of the petro-dollar?

He also says war is coming.

Huge Moves: China, Russia, India, Most Middle East Officially Agree to Ditch Dollar
w/ Ken Swartz

Maasanova said...


Og said...

I've just been told that me Da just listened to his first podcast of his son

Maasanova said...

That's awesome Og. After all this time, you must be proud!

Voltman said...

Dear Dad, April 5, 2020

Since you have never expressed any interest in anything I had to say about this fake and unjust society in which we are all confined like rats in a cage, I'm going to try and pass on a bit of information here.

I'm expecting you to dismiss me once again but there might be one or two people among your friends here on facebook who are not quite as entranced and hypnotized by the lunatics who are running the asylum these days.

I noticed lately that these news "people", so-called experts, and celebrities you see on TV all the time, are telling you to stay inside, listen to them and wash your hands...of reality.

If you believe all this nonsense, you're not well; and it's not because of COVID-19; it's because of a mind virus that has infected most of the population.

Those who own everything, including your mind and nearly your very soul, have more than enough money to pay for armies of phony heads of state, like Justin Trudope, for example.

They have all the money in the world to pay for the likes of Peter Mansbridge, "the most trusted man", and many other nice looking, nice sounding, well dressed and well rehearsed liars. You watch them every day on TV. They are your real friends and your real family, since you tune in and listen to them religiously.

What is coming is a Great Depression and there's going to be a lot of dead people. It will be particularly disastrous in the US.

Not because of any virus; that is the excuse they're using to hide reality from you, just as 9/11 was used as the excuse to invade Afghanistan, destroy Iraq, Lybia, Yemen and over half of Syria. They would have destroyed Syria completely as well, if Russia hadn't come in and kicked their butts.

Now, they are on the verge of attacking Iran.

There is going to be gigantic social unrest due to this deliberate destruction of the economy by those who want all the money and resources. They want all your money too and they're likely to get it.

They are preparing to go to war once again to protect their fraudulent money: the U$ petro-dollar. This won't be like the fake war on terror.

All wars are bankers' wars.

Big banks own the world and everybody in it. They decide everything. The people decide nothing. They just make you think you had a say in something when in fact, you never had a say in anything whatsoever.

Those who control this world lead the people around like a flock of mindless sheep. It took them about 120 years to buy up the whole planet and its resources.

They engineered the first world war after taking control of the money supply in 1913 with the creation of the US Federal Reserve.

They made you believe Hitler was a monster who wanted to take over the world when we can clearly see who has taken it over.

They did all that and more while you were busy entertaining yourself nearly all day long with the crap on TV.

You've been told unbelievable nonsense by a well organized bunch of criminals, who have huge amounts of money to hand out to clowns, actors and liars the media calls "leaders". They even bribe the priests and the so-called religious leaders to keep you asleep at the wheel.

Voltman said...

Dear Dad (continued)

You've been told unbelievable nonsense by a well organized bunch of criminals, who have huge amounts of money to hand out to clowns, actors and liars the media calls "leaders". They even bribe the priests and the so-called religious leaders to keep you asleep at the wheel.

Your leaders are not my leaders; they disgust me. They are all highly paid puppets owned by the banks who are the only ones allowed to print money out of thin air.

Those same "news" reporters who have been telling you for the last 75 years that you should be thankful we live in a free and democratic country like Canada, are now telling you, that in this vast geographic expanse called Canada, everybody has to stay quarantined in their house like chickens in their chicken coupes... or the big bad virus might get you...

I am not afraid of any virus whatsoever. I'm afraid of all of you. I've been away from all of you nearly all my life; physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

Those money monsters have pulled the wool over your eyes once again. You've had 19 years since September 11 2001 to find out what really happened on that day. I worked at getting the truth out about that crime for 4 years full-time. I saw through their huge lies and told everybody I know, either directly or indirectly.

What you saw on 9/11 was a well planned and well financed con job that fooled most of the people but not all the people. Some of us actually believed that the truth would set you free but you opted to believe a ridiculously unbelievable story fed to you by the liars you worship every day.

Some of the people don't get fooled so easily by the "most trusted man in Canada" or any other nice sounding hypocrite you seem to be addicted to.

If you still have a bit of sense left, and if you want to get free from THE VIRUS, just turn off your stupid TV. Even better, take a 35 pound sledge hammer and smash it. That's what I did 25 years ago and I haven't been sucked in by any of their grotesque nonsense since then. And I never will be. I'm just not that stupid and you should know it.

The ones who should be quarantined are the ones scaring everybody: politicians, the liars in mainstream media, and the bankers who own ALL of them.

They will rot your brain from the inside if it hasn't done so already. They are way worse than the BIG BAD VIRUS.

And before you dismiss me again as an outcast lunatic, you might want to consider the fact that more and more people are waking up to the huge deception being perpetrated on humanity at this moment in time.

The internet still allows huge amounts of good and valid information to be exchanged among those who give a damn about the truth while the fake news professionals on TV keep bringing on their fake experts and fake authorities.

You say you always abide by what the authorities say but these charlatans are fake authorities specially selected to fool most of the people most of the time; and they're very good at what they do.

I communicate with people who get our news from knowledgeable, intelligent and courageous people all over the world, and we can clearly see the catastrophic consequences caused by believing in complete and utter bullshit.

It's easier to fool someone than to make someone admit they were fooled.


Daniel Major


. said...

I wish-to-God that I had written what he had written, because that is a work-of-art.

For-the-record, some-of-those involved in our destruction...OUTED-THEMSELVES: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/did-bill-gates-just-reveal-real-reason-behind-lock-downs

I have requested that that critically-important essay be posted at this site, and for you people to make EVERYONE, whom you are able, aware-of-it, YET, there was not even the courtesy-of-a-comment, despite what you people would discover, by reading, both, the article and the comments.

You people deal with so much that is complete nonsense, like (((muh...flat-Earth))), YET, when something-of-profound-significance is actually presented, there is fuck-all to convey, right?

. said...

Just so that you people fully-understand what-the-fuck is happening, the same malefactors whom have outed-themselves, are the ones involved in this project: https://immunosafety.com/

This is really-fucking-happening, People, and IT IS NOT HIDDEN, ANY LONGER--what does that fact convey to you about what level-of-danger we, All, are facing?


Any questions?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A71lfXrQlxU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNLiUN0l7

There is so much information about #Event201 that I am not even going to bother presenting an article, because the information, and correlations, are so-easily-found, by yourselves.

Red Orchid said...

Was anything original mentioned in the audio file?

Og said...

Who TF removed removed my answer?

"No, nothing at all new, didn't bother researching anything at all and just hit the record button with special sleeping music "

Red Orchid said...

You usual regular shite then

Red Orchid said...

Your usual regular shite then is what I meant to say