April 04, 2020

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye - Live! 2020.04.04

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in the Philippines.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also has a second site called "Inside The Eye - Live!" 

Hour 1 - News And Current Events
Hour 2 - Guests, Shali Lama and Greg in New Jersey
Hour 3 - Guest, Hans in Chicago

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WWS said...

Hans Utter was a great guest!

Michael_nyc said...

Woah second hour guests were total baffoons . You can't catch a virus because it's a dead inert object??? Fetcho your credibility just went down by having those two on. This is a real virus, and it is taking a death toll out there. The media of course is hyping it like crazy, but that doesn't mean the virus itself is a hoax. Come on people.

Steve said...

@unknown - why don't you research it, it seems idiotic at first but research it and gain some understanding. The medical/pharma model of disease works on the 'germ theory of disease' model. Think about that, the key word there is 'theory'. A theory hasn't been proven that's why its called a theory. There is no scientific paper that has proven that a 'virus' has been the cause of a disease. Not one. We live under a 'satanic' system, satan simply means that which is opposed to God, or Nature - nature's laws. Does it not stand to reason that this satanic system has turned nature upside down ? Tricked us into fear of an 'unseen' demon. Medicine is a religion not a science. Its basically replaced religion, not only do the masses accept what doctors say on blind faith but the doctors themselves just accept on blind faith what they are taught - and by whom ? Big Pharma. Just as religion ruled over and controlled the masses by fear of the 'devil' blaming disease on sin and demons, the unseen devil, so big pharma/medicine is doing the same with this 'unseen demon' known as the 'virus'. Viruses are in fact not living organisms - do your research !! And who do the masses turn to and shout 'save us, save us' ? Why, big pharma and their pastors the doctors. What does it mean when we say something has been doctored ? That it has been falsified in order to trick or deceive.

Liam said...

Unknown said... "This is a real virus, and it is taking a death toll out there"

Your claim, please prove your claim with admissible evidence.
BTW - Hearsay is not admissible evidence and rockerfella medicine claims/theories will be rebutted.

Unknown said..."Fetcho your credibility just went down"
Thai is in your mind , where the virus also is.

The same applies to Zezorro; a European finance expert, yes, a European political expert but, the claim "The virus is real", a medical expert, No!
Zezorro, please prove your claim with admissible evidence.

Thanks Steve, good to see "the germ theory' rebutted again.

Liam said...

From Amanda, also posted on this site;

"For the record, I have personal experience with performing all of the tests discussed. Identifying a virus from a electron micrograph is akin to staring a scribble of lines or patterns and claiming to see a face or specific object. EM creates incredibly detailed images. A candidate particle has to be isolated (immunoelectrophoresis, centrifugation, etc), purified, cloned and injected into test subjects and proved to cause the disease in question. Further, the same agent must be isolated from these test patients and injected into a second set of control subjects and shown to cause the disease. None of this validation was done!"

Panzerfaust said...

"germ theory"
Same as "round erf theory"

Panzerfaust said...

Unknown you are correct. The "viruses are fake" shit is just like 9/11 discrediting disinfo such as (((Dr. Judy Wood's))) directed energy death beams destroying the twin towers "nukes are fake" bullshit artist, and flat refers.

Isn't it convenient that, just like nukes in 9/11, if viruses are fake then that supposition eliminates the planting of such by ZOG intelligence.

Brizer said...

@Panzerfaust. So Dr. Hamer of German New Medicine is wrong then after 30 years of research? Jewish doctors stole his research and used his methods for Jews only where they witnessed great results but pushed Gentile doctors to use chemo and vaccinations for non jews. He called them out on this and was labelled an anti-semite and they hounded him along with their medical mafia minions until he died.
What he proved was that viruses are actually antibodies and that cold and flu is a healing crisis due to a previous trauma, not something that was passed from one to another. Many other doctors also researched this and proved Hamer was right and they were silenced. Sound familiar?
If this is disinfo prove your claim otherwise it's just your opinion which is nothing but hearsay.
You're sounding like a jew when anyone calls out the other major hoax, i.e. the holohoax. Oi vey!

Panzerfaust said...

"You're sounding like a jew when anyone calls out the other major hoax, i.e. the holohoax. Oi vey!'

You're stooping pretty low with the ad hominem there Brizer. I'm German/Apache.


Brizer said...

@ Panzerfaust

No offence was meant. I'll take that back so please accept my apologies.

However, Jews will label people who question the holohoax as anti-semitic conspiracy nuts. That's much the same as comparing people who question the existence of viruses to flat earthers. That is a strawman fallacy and I don't accept that.

And as for the flat earth I just don't know as it can never be really proved so I stay away from it so let's not go there lol. But the non-existence of viruses has been proved many times so I'll stick with that until you take on Dr. Lanka, prove him wrong and take home 100 grand.


Panzerfaust said...

Thank you Brizer. My heritage got a double whammy from the Jews and got me there as I'm too lazy to do the virus challenge homework

Holly Woodrow said...

They know all the things we did back then and now we're trying to do them again

Holly Woodrow said...

Hell of a lot of holohoaxing going on right now.. that's ridiculous the goyim don't know