April 04, 2020

Isn't that interesting #covid1984

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Amanda said...

I have a thread here on how they are faking corona deaths and messing with the numbers


Candace Owens is actually all over this issue. Looks like they are playing games--anyone who dies of anything (heart attack, old age, pneumonia) is counted as corona death, if they test positive/have antibodies, but are asymptomatic.

Dr. Cartter, CT epidemiologist says they are counting deaths WITH corona rather than CAUSED by corona, says determination of causality is up to medical examiner and could takes weeks or months. All states are counting corona deaths as deaths WITH corona, without the death actually being caused by the fake virus.

Candace is all over this b/c CT Gov Ned Lamont lied about baby dying of the virus, just to keep the people scared. On that thread above, I also posted comments from family members saying the govt lied about the cause of death for their loved one.