May 01, 2020

Jewish founder of Craigslist gives ADL $1 million to tackle online hate speech

“Now more than ever, it is vital to invest in innovative approaches to detect and stop hate speech from spreading online,” said philanthropist (lol) Craig Newmark.

The Jewish billionaire philanthropist and founder of the website Craigslist gave a $1 million grant to the Anti-Defamation League to support its efforts to detect, expose and counter online hate speech, the ADL announced on Tuesday.

The two-year grant from Craig Newmark, 67, who has an estimated $1.3 billion net worth, will directly aid the work of ADL’s Center on Technology and Society, including its initiative called Online Hate Index (OHI), while also helping to the organization’s various efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 comments: said...

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The jew swines a really scare and stuff like the virus hoax, censoring on internet is as drowning men try to save him self by catching straw. We live in wonderful times to witness satan and his offspring will be wiped out from face of the Earth for good.

Mary Louise said...

Shut it down!

Captain Ahab said...

I'm not sure what state this is in, but it looks like we have an arrest warrant for 'mental health' reasons!