May 01, 2020

Redacted FBI document hints at Israeli efforts to help Trump in 2016 campaign

Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of President Donald Trump who was convicted last year in Robert Mueller’s investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, was in contact with one or more apparently well-connected Israelis at the height of the 2016 US presidential campaign, one of whom warned Stone that Trump was “going to be defeated unless we intervene” and promised “we have critical intell[sic].”


KnownUnknown said...

Adam Green/Know More News did a good cast on this.

Panzerfaust said...

I thought Gordon Duff was off his rocker when he was the lone voice insisting Israel interferred in the election on behalf of Trump. I still think he's off his rocker but that doesn't mean he was wrong in this instance.

Isn't it something how the Zionist played the Alt-Right to get their man that margin of victory then tossed them aside like a used condom.

Scorpio said...

It's a simple case of 'heads I win - tails you lose'.

Duff supports multiculturalism and the muzzie invasion
and has said so on multiple occasions but he at least had
the good sense to jump ship from Rense's doomcast.

ruxpert said...

“Russiagate” Is Actually “Israelgate”: Trump as “Agent of Israel”, Not of Russia?

By Eric Zuesse - Global Research, December 21, 2017

ruxpert said...

Documents Reveal: FBI Set Up General Flynn

"Very important interview with Aaron Mate putting the final touches on the end of the Russia-gate story.....
If you are committed to the truth, no matter your 'party affiliation', then you should watch this one.
It's all come out now - and it is a very sad ending to this bankrupt effort by the Democrats."