June 10, 2020

ANTIFA And The Full-Retard Techno Bolshevism

Your owners

They're part of "The Club" and you ain't in it! 

Fascist symbols in the House of Representatives 
 ANTIFA and The New Dumbed Down Techno Bolshevism
Techno Bolshevism as Wally The White Nut Walleye sees it

ANTIFA And The New Cultural Revolution
thecrowhouse - Max Igan


Techno BolshevikTakeover @8:40

 ANTIFA gets rebranded
A George Sorass Mass Morass Battalion of order followers. 

ANTIFUCKALL: A bunch of pumped-up punks and screwed-up hooligans targeting all the wrong targets, fighting all the wrong causes, burning all the wrong bridges, and beating up all the wrong people. Talk about a bunch of Techno Bolsheviks...!
Have you noticed that many are paid by the
Techno Bolshevik George Soros?!

They're part of "The Club" and you ain't in it!

Techno Bolshevism as I see it: the collusion of government with international banking cartels and the huge conglomerates of crown (corona) corporations (((THEY))) control for their own selfish and irrational purposes which include killing all life on this planet in order to depopulate the Earth of its human beings using all manner of hypocritical and criminal means.

Techno Bolshevism is directly related to Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, and Communitarianism which sounds nicer than communism or dictatorship. Like Communism, Bolshevism and Chabad Lubavitchism, it is Machiavaelian, Leo Straussian, deceitful, Satanic and simply evil.
And no, I don't consider Hitler and 1930's Germany to be
Techno Bolsheviks. We'd all be much better off if the All-Lies had lost the slaughter-fests of World Wars 1 & 2.

Now look at the fascist symbols in the House of "Representatives":

Those fascists in the government are showing their true colors all over Washington DC.
"With the word "fascist" so freely and easily tossed about, it’s a wonder that no one has thought to apply it, if only for provocation’s sake, to structures that bear actual fascist symbols—those of the United States government, no less.

Bizarre as it seems, many federal buildings in Washington were designed prominently with fasces, the emblem of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s twentieth-century regime. Even more surprisingly, these structures were erected in the 1920s and 1930s—just as Mussolini was ornamenting Italy’s government buildings with the same symbol."


House of Representatives bronze fasces
Given the incontrovertible fact that the US government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world, and given the fact that the US government openly displays its fascist symbols, it follows that those who are against Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Communitarianism, Communism, Dictatorship, Bolshevism, Chabad Lubavitchism, Machiavaelianism, Leo Straussianism, Satanism, Barbarism and Technocratic Neo-Feudalism, would be against Fascism but it's not REAL fascism being applied by these impostors, parasites and frauds, it's Techno Bolshevism.

George Soros & The Mass Morass Dumbass Battalion: ANTIFUCKALL

ANTIFA: If you're reading this, you are to be rebranded "ANTIFUCKALL" until you go up against the REAL Techno Bolsheviks:
Your owners:
The  Poison Vaccinator Bill Gates, the  medical assassin, Dr. Fauci, the  governor of Zew York, Oye Cuomo Va, the  Secretarmy General of the UN, Antonio "Gutless" Guterres, the  Chabad Luvabitch Death Cult, the  Vatican, the  monarchy, the  police state, the  prison system, the  Demonrats, the  Repuglycans, the  Fiberals, the  CON-servatives, the  Shitstream Media, the  Whitehouse, the  CON-gress, the  Senate, the  Snake Department, the  Department Of "Justice", the  medical assassin establishment, the  corporate lobbying groups, the  AIPAC of thieves, liars and traitors, the  dual citizenship israeli-Americans, the  neocons, the  Likud Party Poopers,  the  macrobe Macron, the  jerkel Merkel, the  Borus Johnson the Clown, the  pig parasite-of-all trades Bibitte Nutanyahu, the  BLOTUS Trumpenstein, the  zionist gambler Sheldon Adelson, the  all-you-can-eat Warren Buffet, the  Rockefeller Robber Baron crime syndicate, the  Clinton Foundation, the  Bill & Maligna Gates Foundation, the  "intelligence" agencies, the  broadcasting systems, the  scientific community of super stupid scientists in Academia, the  weapons designers in Pentagoonia, the  Pentagoons wreaking havoc in Syria, Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the  Oil industry, the  Nuclear industry, the  food industry, the  United Nations, the  WHO, the  IMF, the  BIS, the  International Rothschild Banking Cartel, the  Federal Reserve, the  Big Tech with their  war on truth, the  crown corporations, the  Council on Foreign Relations, the  Royal Institute for International Affairs, the  Trilateral Commission, the  Bilderberg Group, the  Open Society Foundation, the  Homeland Security, the  plandemic, the  virus, the  riots, the  propaganda, the  deleting of videos, articles, comments, websites and falsifying their statistics, to name but a few...

Shitstream Media has the Tele-Tubbies all puffed up with nowhere to go except downtown for some window shopping à la new normal: break the windows then go in and take advantage of Leon’s “Don’t Pay A Cent Event”. Nothing could be easier; just make sure you don’t put on a MAGA red cap or a Hitler Halloween mask.

Wally The White Nut Walleye and Anti-Techno-Bolshevik Crusader

Because (((They))) Have No Logical Defense


Captain Ahab said...

Case closed on this agent-prov!



Voltman said...

It has come to my attention that the word "fascism" may have a definition such that the word, as it is used above, may be inappropriate/inaccurate. If such is the case, I will simply replace the word with a word that's more fitting for the context...a word like.... Let's see... Techno Bolshevism? Technocratic Neo-Feudalism? "Evil"?

ross from scotland said...

@ Voltman,
Fascists aren't tyrannical they are authoritarian. A fascist is strictly nationalistic and seeks only to look out for the best interests of its given nation and people. Fascism in a nutshell strictly believes that nation and people are one; anything that would harm its people harms the nation, hence this shit wouldn't happen. A fascism is like its own religion and also strives to exploit the best in man. Fascists also tend to be authoritarian and this is a form of government that upholds popular public opinion and values to strict law.


Hasta la pasta


Ross from Scotland said...

"Techno Bolshevism" is more appropriate.

Sarah Perry said...
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WWS said...

Defined: https://boardmanland.blogspot.com/2018/08/fascism.html

Voltman said...

I changed the word fascist to Techno-Bolshevik above.
Taken from F A S C I S M
Posted by WWS at:

"In politics, this idea is generally emulated when a powerful leader is supported by strong secondary and tertiary leaders. All fundamental functions of the polity are directed by them in concert, for the good of the whole, and this concept may continue into the lowest levels of governance. It's the way an authoritarian meritocracy is ruled."

The word "meritocracy" is crucial; it is what should be.

"Doctrinaire Fascism is usage of the nominal word in conjunction with a political ideology, usually right wing, and usually utilizing the fascist method of leadership. It can be modeled upon a namesake such as Italy's former National Fascist Party, which expressed the ideas of Benito Mussolini and others (note that corporatism in his 'Fascism' had no relationship to the Jewish-American form of corporation). "

"his 'Fascism' had no relationship to the Jewish-American form of corporation."

That is also crucial to know.

Counter-intuitively, a communist state may also be fascist – in leadership method. Mussolini considered Josef Stalin a fellow fascist!

Not a good reference.... I heard Stalin was a mass murdering psycho...

"Although the Führerprinzip was a driving principle of NSDAP Germany, because the power gap between Adolf Hitler and its other leaders was so great, even with the occasional exception of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, true methodological fascism was never achieved there. Germany was a political dictatorship back then."

Techno Bolshevism...Techno Bullshitism...Neo-Bullshitek...?

Forge The Bond said...

"Mussolini considered Josef Stalin a fellow fascist!"

If l recall correctly, prior to his embarkation on the Fascist train, Mussolini was chairman of the Communist Party. Once a Commie, always a fellow traveller.

Ross from Scotland said...

Forge the Bond,

Here is his book. Read it, use your intelligence, and make your own mind up.

WWS said...
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WWS said...

Voltman: "The word 'meritocracy' is crucial; it is what should be."

Note again that generic 'fascism' is a method, not a doctrine. The example is its usage in an apparently agreeable form; however, it can possibly exist otherwise, e.g. in the Mafiya (or Stalin's Russia).

Forge The Bond said...

Ross from Scotland,

That would be like reading the autobiography of Don Corleone. Mussolini was a mafioso and Omerta precludes the necessary level of honesty.

There's nothing complex about Mussolini's Fascist Party. It was La Cosa Nostra codified into a political entity. Mafia Rule.

When Mussolini compliments Stalin as a "fellow fascist" it's code for "fellow gangster" - not an ideological statement. As WWS mentioned above, it's about method, and mob bosses excel in that respect.

Ross from Scotland said...

Give me the sources of your information. You don't read , so , they must be from memes and soundbites. For fuck sake get yourself educated before stating any opninions.

Forge The Bond said...

Whoa... Ross, you're like a haggis suffering from acute cognitive dissonance.

FYI, my understanding of Italy under Mussolini began in 1974, while studying Political Philosophy at Uni., and having the opportunity question my father-in-law-to-be - a native-born Roman who was a toddler when Mussolini took power, and grew up under the whole saga. He was very pro-Mussolini. He was also very mob-connected - something l learnt a lot about over the next 20+ years married to his daughter.

Ross from Scotland said...

Who the fuck do think you are calling ahaggis , you fucking degenerate jew.

Forge The Bond said...

Okay, let me, by way of apology, rephrase:

Ross, you're like a kosher haggis suffering from acute cognitive dissonance.