June 19, 2020

No Agenda Episode 1252 - "Agitprop" - 2020.06.18


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BillyBob said...

It always amazes me that anyone sends these two a penny. They do a bare minimum of research on anything. A case in point: They railed that no-one else in the media was talking about the Lieber Indictment! That's because He got a slap on the wrist, He should have been charged with Treason Not .. lying to the FBI! Then the next clip they play actually says it was a slap on the wrist ..

BLM, they tell us a million pointless things about them but none of this truth: BLM does not exist, they are not a charity, they are not a legal entity, they are nothing! Their $$ is raised by ActBlue who charge them 3.9%, ActBlue claims to be 501(c)3, the tax law states that 501(c)3's cannnot get involved in politics in any way, Period! ActBlue has illegally financed Biden, Mayor Pete, Sanders to millios of dollars. On top of that ActBlue hasn't filed legal 501(c)3 papers due in November of 2019! So any money going to BLM is totally IlEGAL!

These two are idiots!