June 19, 2020

The Magnificent Deception (rewind)

Here is one from so many years ago, but one of the first guys who opened my eyes to the Canadian legal scam in an entertaining and comical way.


Captain Ahab said...

Some of you might have already seen the video footage of the young 16 year old girl being punched and kicked regularly on Australian transit. These type of incidents will now explode due to the normalization that has occurred the past couple of months. Witnessing her sit there without ANYONE stepping up to help is enraging to the nth degree. Apparently, she has not given a statement to police due to fears of retaliation from the perps; and, get this,...the police said they cannot press charges without her making a formal statement- BULLSHIT! The state can intervene at any time as the plaintiff in the matter.

Just as a supplement; I watched in downtown Salt Lake City last night two white cops, in two separate cars, chasing a single black male around for about 10 minutes before they finally got up the courage to get out of their cars and force the issue. The helpless negro was running around with a stick, yelling and screaming, threatening people on occasion. He was either mentally ill or he was heavily intoxicated. Anyhow, these two cops would drive up to him, roll down their windows and try to initiate conversation. They simply would NOT get out of their cars!

He would then take off and dart back the other direction and the same thing would repeat itself over and over again until,... finally,... these two cops got out of their cars and detained him. It was obvious to the handful of people watching that these two cops were inhibited and have felt the impact of the recent events in Minnesota and Atlanta and were too afraid to initiate action because it might escalate. It was so obvious! This is what 'policing' is now going to look like for blacks moving forward as the fabric of society continually erodes!


Albert said...

Thanks Chainsaw !!!!!!!!!!


It was Fun, very very Interesting and absorbing, ...

soooo many points ...... I felt that I was Finally Beginning to really "get" it!

and to top-it-off: Very ENCOURAGING too! :-)

-- I subscribed, and will Listen-to MORE of: Robert Menard's Talks! ;-)

Liam said...

That is sickening, Captain Ahab.