June 03, 2020

Robert Charlebois Louise Forestier - Lindberg


Zeebra said...

zap, I keep checking back for last night's Rense, where he hosted David Icke & Bro Krusty!

(Dr. Niman never interested me; not before this #JooFluWorldOrderPlandemic, & certainly not now that Jeff has him on feckin NIGHTLY, spoiling 1/3 of his shows!)

Voltman said...

Antoine Dufour Live in Berlin (w/guitar masters feat.
Andy Mckee and Preston Reed)
Jon Gomm - Everything

zapoper said...

Sorry Zeebra. I don't have that recording anymore. The June 4th recording overwrote the 3rd. It is lost forever unless someone emails me with the links.

I was busy saving an old White man's life.

zapoper said...

I meant to say that the 2th of June recording was overwritten by the 3rd of June recording. Getting my dates wrong.