June 04, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.06.01

Brizer's guest: Ilsedora Laker.

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KnownUnknown said...

I'm not sure I understood this - are we saying that if you never heal you'll never get sick? I might live forever...

Brizer said...

@knownunknown. Go listen again. And who knows you might live forever. Make sure you come back and tell us all about it. Lots of folks on here I'm sure are into immortality lol.

Liam said...

Thanks Brizer and Graham, good show.
If you want long life, consider;
The Phoenix Protocol Dr. August Dunning
Another Russian technique as an alternative to cut, burn and poison of modern western medicine.
This guy's wife did a 9 or 11 day dry fast and cured her Hasimoto's western medicine did nothing for, for 5 years.

KnownUnknown said...

My point is I'm perpetually broken - I never resolve anything, I just go from stress to hate to more stress and more hate. I'm with Charlie G, I hate this fucking world and I want it to burn not heal....

Liam said...

KnownUnknown said..."I hate this fucking world and I want it to burn not heal.."

The success of the psuedo-master's mind-rape of their slave.
One can learn how not to be a slave or have a slave's mindset.
But not from listening to Charlie G.

KnownUnknown said...

I'd rather burn the slave holders.

Captain Ahab said...

Look at this disgusting display of grovelling obsequiousness and white guilt- pathetic!


Albert said...

Soooo, IF I smear-on "Black-Face" all over ... forever ....

MY DREAM-Girl !!!? :-o

Liam said...

When will Americans take THE LAW, their law, into their hands?


Albert said...

I Think that Doctor Loraine Day says that "viruses" don't Exist! :-)

Brizer's Questions about Environmental-TOXINS, and 5G ...

REVEALED that This: "Trauma", "Recovery" THEORY ...

Still "needs some Work" !!! ;-)

KU's above-Joke: "Points Out": That this THEORY Leads-one to AVOID:
"Resolving" stuff !!! ..... or it WILL KILL You !!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Zeebra said...

feckin zap on a MoosePiss beer binge again; I've been chomping at the bit all day for last night's Rense, esp the David Icke hour -- zap had time to post 2 dumb muzak vids @ 3-4am ET, but not Rense which ended >3h earlier! Also no ACH or DDuke this morning. I hope this doesn't go on for days like a few weeks ago! :'(

at least ACH's shows are at his site; 2 most recent:

ACH (1269) Shaun Surplus – TCTA Unleashed
June 4, 2020

ACH (1268) Mischa Popoff – It’s Not Going To Get Any Better…
June 3, 2020

zapoper said...

Do you really think that this type of shit motivates me into posting shows Zeebra?

Zeebra said...

^ zap, surely not... after my obsessive-compulsively refreshing mami's all day yest hoping for the Rense/Icke hour, & feeling the fool for it, I succumbed to the temptation to publicly vent my frustration. U don't deserve, working mami's for free for the greater good all these years, my apology.

2nd point, there's a REASON why the kosher demons behind the jooflu plandemic lockdown (& soros riots) deemed liquor stores (& pot shops) "essential", but AA/NA meetings NOT... duh, falling off the wagon "takes (us vulnerable) out of the fight" as we self-medicate to oblivion. NOW IS A PIVOTAL TIME IN HISTORY; we mustn't "take the demons' bait"; must stay sober & sane & in this fight! blah blah U get my meaning I hope!

zapoper said...

One of my neighbors is 79 and fell on a lamp and speaker. He cracked a rib. I was at his place repairing the lamp and convincing him not to go to the hospital. What do you think they do with old white males these days. COVID-19?

I don't know and don't feel that the gamble is worth it.

And yes. I do have hard liquor here for making liposomal vitamin C. It is easy for me to drink "MoosePiss" after a stressful event.

Zeebra said...

^ sounds like a great thing u done did for the old whitey - agree, hospital/ER = BAD NOOZ for any oldee in this new JooFlu World Order Plandemic paradigm! They'd just label him with the joocootie, sedate him, stick him on a ventilator, & then 'neglect' him until he croaked from the needless ventilator! That seems to be their "population-reduction/boomer-die-off" MO of choice, at least here in the US; then hospital gets like a $39K 'bonus' from .gov/taxpayers for patients who "die of the joocootie, while on a ventilator" ?!?!

A fractured rib though... that's GD painful (I hear...), & not much anyone can do, just get him addicted to pain killers & wait, AFAIK. :'(

Liam said...

OMFG!!!!!! Do folk really 'believe' they are in a 'fight' by listening to DDuke, Rense, Barrett etc?

"To create fear where there is no fear is an act of terrorism"

How many of these, so claimed, alternative media are creating as much fear as MSM with bio-weapons, contagious viruses, airborne viruses, high death rates, blah, blah, blah stories, which have zero / nada / zilch true admissible scientific evidence.
Are they therefore guilty of terrorism and being traitorous to the very folk who place trust and belief in them?.
These entities are near as programming as MSM with their scientism, belief required and driven science, without evidence.
Most, if not all who sing the ooga-booga, voo-doo virus song will face financial ruin or loss of popularity to speak scientific fact, or are simply too lazy to research what has been available for 100+ years.
Is Covid an IQ test?

Zap, post whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and pay no heed to ingrates. lol. Thanks for all you do.

Zeebra said...

^ @Liam OMFG!!!!!! - U lose cred by trying to paint the whole lot of reg shows mami's posts, as somehow hyping dajooz' official JooCootie19 fear/tyranny narrative.

Rense is a bit of a whore coz most of his sponsors are spendy health-supp peddlers, & he changes colors like a chameleon depending on his guests' opinions. I trust most mami's regulars can discern their way through Jeff's duplicity, same as me. Icke's been a leading joo-cootie skeptic, since at least his appearance on "London Real" which pulled 2MM jootube views, before they desperately resorted to deleting it for being "dangerous misinfo" or some such BS.

DDuke, not sure where he is on the joo-cootie, I seldom listen...ZZZZZZ

Every other host mami's posts, AFAIK, are staunch critics of the joo-cootie psyop, as are their guests.

So U don't think it's an infowar, considering jootube's desperate step of DELETING a wildly viral joocootie19-truth interview?! I looked forward to the Rense/Icke hour in large part so I could tweet it out to my >10K twatter followers to have a listen, & further RT... same as I do with many mami's shows -- yes it's called 'being in the fight', the infowar, helping shape opinions/beliefs & consequent behaviors... IE resisting this encroaching JWO tyranny in all its forms, OMFG!!!!!!