June 04, 2020

LOL Don't cry Ashton Kutcher it's just the Apocalaughs

The actual Ashton Kutcher segment is hilarious and worth watching. The second part of the video may be less interesting YMMV.


Zeebra said...

aww, David Dees died... idk how old he was but not very... latter 50s maybe? 60?

Max Igan tribute; can U post here zap or chainsaw?

2 mins:

Amanda said...

good one from Candace Owens:
Candace Owens: "I DO NOT support George Floyd!" & Here's Why!

Captain Ahab said...

I give you the bosom buddy Mr. Hanx!


Captain Ahab said...

In a sane world, the video I posted above is what we should be rioting over. But because our world is filled with deranged, brainwashed, go along to get along bitches like Kutcher, we are left with the genius of the crowd.


Chains said...

Bukowski was a maniac genius and was very sensitive and brutal, an odd mix. I enjoyed his stuff back in the day. Thanks for posting that CA

Captain Ahab said...

Yes sir Chain!

I had a buddy introduce me to Bukowski in college years ago and I ended up reading all he had available at the time. Bukowski almost represents the reverse about what I was talking about with Rockefeller and Redstone. He had a pockmarked face and gruff countenance, but he was a soft child on the inside and pure at heart. When he was on and the muse was with him, he could make the words themselves cry out in pain. Here is one of my favs of his:


Albert said...

Ashton Coon-butt-licker: "Gorillas Go FIRST!" ;-)

zapoper said...

Albert is in a New York state of mind. LOL

BREW said...

Notice how 《run down》 these Hollywood types look. They have multi millions of dollars, years of training from makeup artists, and wardrobe, plus their "actor" training,

Yet they put up these videos, looking so haggard, run down, aged!

The Sharon Stone - ugh, hideous. However, it's been floated that Stone is a SheMale, so that may play part.

Ashton, formerly married to Demi Moore, who got Ashton heavily networked and connected, rose his financial status to great heights - upwards to Billionaire status, and he looks like dog-fuck.

Mila Kunis, Ashton's wife, and former co-star @ That 70s Show, doesn't take to the camera with dear Ole' run down hubby, Ashton, so I suspect she prolly is looking like one of the characters from, Death Becomes Her, at this point.

Perhaps we can throw in the whole 《adrenal chrome》 thing, and their supply cut off. Who knows. They're also got their occult crap, with covens-, spells, hocus pocus voodoo elements.

Anyway, thought I'd drop the thought.

C. Augustin Rushe said...

We can at least hope they're having AC supply chain problems for sure, Brew.