June 04, 2020

Lost your number Voltman

I cleaned my phone and deleted your number by accident. Call me back.


BillyBob said...

Sorry to hijack the post, but I thought you Mami Ops needed to know this:

What is happening is just so predictable and so sad.

Every major media is reporting that the Floyd Autopsy - showed he had Covid 19, what NONE of the msm is reporting: Mr. Floyd had enough Fentanyl and meth and morphine in his system to cause his heart attack, the police lawyer will have a field day in court .. and we will have more riots of course.


No-one mentions that Mr. Floyd knew Derek Chaucin (they worked together at the same restaraunt as security) - held a pregnant woman at gunpoint with his gun pointed at her baby - threatening her for what must have seemed like a lifetime. He appears as Landlord Floyd in many porn videos .. with a huge sign on his chest (BBC) .. I'll leave it to you to figure out the anagram .. disgusting.

Chains said...

With all due respect BillyBob, could this be a story to legitimize the death narrative? I do not know whats going on here for sure, but the whole presentation of this story has been very problematic from the word go.

BREW said...


"Chauvin" - Chauvinist [they so clever]

Scorpio said...

I'm not sure what to make of the evidence that he was on drugs. If you look at the footage before he was arrested, he does look like he's high on something. However, if this whole stage show was legit (which I highly doubt), why didn't the paramedics work on him at the scene? (which is standard protocol -seconds count when someone isn't breathing or unconscious). Instead they clumsily rolled him over and pulled him onto the stretcher, without any regard for his possibly injured neck, shoved him in the amblamps and sped away. The way they manhandled him, it didn't even look like those guys were trained paramedics.

BREW said...

The Floyd 《show》 funeral took place today.
Floyd was such a saint.
• Honor the Porn Actor
• Honor the Talent and collaboration with Rapper Killer Mike
• Honor that he had such good friends in the NBA, Stephen Jackson [His Twin]
• Honor his work ethic, working at a seedy nightclub in Seedy little Somalia in Minneapolis, for 10 years, and was sold in the last few months (coincidentally).
• Honor that Floyd had such good working relationships, such as with the other security personnel at the nightclub, ×which included the alleged Cop that allegedly choked him to death with his knee, because he (The Cop) had such precision accuracy to clumsily place his knee perfectly, resulting in cutting off Floyd air-supply
• Honor that Floyd was only going about his own business that day, when he was potentially, allegedly, passing off counterfeit currency from China
• Honor Floyd who perhaps engaged in the use of drugs.
• Honor Floyd who potentially enabled, and or help to facilitate drugs to flow through the seedy nightclub he worked at for 10 years (or so)
• Honor Floyd for being a willing actor to kick off a narrative that rivals, "hands up don't shoot", among others, with this craftily prepared narrative, "I can't breathe", to which face masks with the quote, "I can't breathe", were already distributed to hundreds of thousands of 《ready to act》 protestors [rioters, agents provocateurs], in The USA and around the world -- Many of which also 'got the Tshirt' to wear and display, as they play their roles as, 'weapons of mass destruction'

Anything else to Honor Floyd for?

How about in the weeks/days, there were incidents in France and elsewhere, where the same scene was set up, having a White Cop, kneeling on a non-whites neck.

There was no traction from those scenes, because no one does a Hoax, False Flag, Thestrical Event, like The USA and the Media run State.

Captain Ahab said...

Paramedics are suppose to begin resuscitation efforts immediately; this can continue for many minutes even into the ambulance and while in transit to the hospital. Now, video shows that Floyd had his handcuffs taken off at some point just before the paramedics arrived. Per policy I believe, those handcuffs are to stay on; now, if they interfere with any medical procedure, the individual will then be cuffed to the gurney, but they are not taken off for safety precautions.

If a suspect is being resuscitated while in an ambulance and in transit to a hospital, an officer will accompany the personnel to the hospital until the situation is stabilized and a determination can be made about the specific individual. At no point are the paramedics or the police to make a determination of death. Paramedics can't just show up, feel for a pulse, and say, "Fuck it! He's dead! Throw him in the back!"

BREW said...

Dont forget - going to the beginning
• Police [the captors] begin by asking if suspect has anything on them they should know about
• They Frisk the suspect
• They check suspects pockets, crotch, pant legs
• They often often do not cuff immediately, until or unless they are;
- Under Arrest
- Displaying signs of danger

And of course, if there is a struggle, often there being multiple Police [captors] present, they will all assist on the take down.
* meaning, they do not stand around and observe one Uniform doing it on their own

Need more?

Jay Que said...


Check out the LPZ channel, they look into the background of the actors, by looking for alias names, and shared relatives

Chains said...

Hey Brew I haven't watched any of that circus but was it an open casket?

Jay Que said...

I didn't think they'd wait this long for Kosher funerals, aren't they typically buried within a few days?

BREW said...

I only saw selective photos from a rag publishing the narrative @ snap chat

I saw closed casket - huge banner for Saintly 《burned out drug using drug dealing armed robbery multiple felonies multiple jail sentences porn actor and counterfeit money circulator》 George Floyd

Dramatics from beginning to end - which is perpetually open ended, even after we expose it = forever propaganda

Jew_ ron_im-o said...

Where is his fuckin number?

Chains said...

Zapoper don't lose that number

You don't wanna call nobody else

Send it off in a letter to yourself

Zapoper don't lose that number

It's the only one you own

You might use it if you feel better

When you get home

But you lost it ....

All is well I see Voltman is in the list,

Welcome to you Voltman!

Zeebra said...

graphic artist David Dees died @ 62. maybe a mod can post this 2 min tribute vid from Max Igan,


Voltman said...

Thanks for the welcome Chainsaw!

Here's a few recommendations while I familiarize myself with the posting routine.

"Tons of Crazy Stuff" from Jeff and his bodyguard Lucy.

The police are proving themselves to be even bigger dummies than I could ever imagine. Kindergarten level children have way more sense than these overpaid, less-
than-useless, super-stupid order followers.

The Greatest Depression Is Here... Plus Floyd Got the Covids and Cops Gone Wild

The Dollar Vigilante
285K subscribers
YOUNG PHARAOH is giving them "dumbass niggers" a serious whoopin'!

He's warning them that " Black Lives Matter is telling people to "post a blackout" on Tuesday, i.e. not post anything so that Artificial Intelligence can have more time to delete the truth they want to hide.

So on Tuesday, "all those dumbass niggers shouldn't be getting ready to give these motherfuckers a chance to go ahead and scrub the Internet, at least the most viral videos like those with ANTIFA or the police vandalizing cities, aka treason, because they're aiding and abetting terrorists like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama." - YOUNG PHARAOH

Apparently, the George Floyd type of scenario was used in other countries such as Spain and France for the same purposes...

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

"The new Cyrus is here. Check out the Young Pharaoh. Can you dig it? "
Can You Dig it??.......

BillyBob said...

The "added bonus" of the Fentanyl overdose: When the show trial begins, Chauvin's lawyer should be able to get his client off, as Landlord Floyd (who is NOT dead) was damn near legally dead without Chauvin being near him. When Chauvin is set free the 2nd round of race riots can begin. It's all in the planning.

Scorpio said...

Hey Volt - Welcome to Mami's. Been watching your posts for sometime - good stuff.
Keep it real, brother --- cheers

Scorpio said...

BillyBob - In a sane world, you'd be right. I doubt any of that info will even make it into the MSM version of events because it contradicts their narrative - A black man, who was almost a living saint was brutally murdered by an evil white cop. They've gone all in on this one. In all likelihood, this will be a Black Lives Matters Kangaroo court.
On trial: white privilege and western society as we know it.
Verdict: Guilty on all counts

Voltman said...

Thanks Scorpio. As the Arena of The Tragically Sad used to say, way back in 2001-2003 on Indymedia.org, "we shall see what we shall but see."
"Don't have your goals too firmly set."

Max Igan - Ascend Podcast - June 2020

232K subscribers

BillyBob said...

Note that Floyd was held down for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The first plane on 911 hit at 8:46 a.m. Sept. 11, 2001!

BillyBob said...

Note that 8 + 4 + 6 = 18 or 6,6,6

BREW said...

Chuck Correll, FLOYDgate: George Floyd’s murder was either a pre-planned public execution or completely staged hoax!


I am currently attempting to find this page where this lawyer, Timothy D. Japhet, writes, "The real George Floyd died 3 years ago" - "I was his lawyer. He did 3 years ago..."

Help - please? I found the legal directory. I found Japhet basic website, with services. I found lots of listings and testimonials for Japhet, but not this write up.

Jay Que said...

Hey Brew,

Check this out, a transcript of the Timothy Japhet quote