June 15, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.06.13

Scorpio Show # 18 on Revolution.radio

Topics Include:

1)  Dirty Pinko Commies On Parade
2) Western Culture - Gone With The Wind
3) Birth Of A Nation
4) The USS Floyd

Guests: Giuseppe from the District of Criminals and Stephen Crawford 
from Fact or Theory come aboard

Revolution.Radio Studio A

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zapoper said...

Well at least we know why Paul could not make it. Maybe that's a good thing because he might have taken a whole hour explaining how and why SpaceX is fake. I had to shorten lots of long pauses because of him not answering his phone and on top of it, someone forgot to play your intro song. Not to worry, I inserted it. lol

I suspect that Steven is working with radios in the DMZ between Canada and the USA. OVER.

Things are getting so bad up here that I'm seriously considering moving to the new country of Chaz. Maybe just maybe, I could escape from all the madness but that would only last until an evil white supremacist NAZI would blow up our new utopia.

P.S. Chatzy sucks donkey balls.

Zeebra said...

^ wow thx zap for all ur work 'improving (Mami's) listeners' experience' !! :~)

will listen a bit later; got Tim K & Joe A's show on now; my listening queue over-floweth!

KnownUnknown said...

I've never heard of a communist takeover that has share markets trading at all time highs - much less one with 40% unemployment.

Just saying

zapoper said...

We all know that the market is rigged but an Israeli company called BlackRock has come to the "rescue".


KnownUnknown said...

Exactly Zap - just more swamp so why is anyone still hoping Trump comes good?

Albert said...

I Wrote THIS Yesterday ...


White Folks are: "FAIR" / "Have a Soul" ("Holy Ghost" in "Heart")

-- THIS is Largely a Combination: Of "Logic"-"Reason" and "Empathy"...

(Otherwise Garbage In Garbage-OUT! ;-)
(Hence (((they))) are TRYING to "Remove" OUR "Soul" By DROWNING US in LIES !!! :-(

"Accepted Custom" is More Important than: "Law"

There Are THREE Structures:

a) "Friends" -- Peer-to-Peer

b) "Family" -- Yes "Hierarchical" ... But WHO is Really the "Servant" vs "Master" !!!? ;-)
LIKE: In a Baton-Relay-Race ... Each-Generation are Custodians and HAND-DOWN ("with interest" ;-) ) Everything! :-)

c) "Master SLAVE" which is Very-MUCH Connected to: "Money" / "Love-of-Money" / ("NEED" for Money?)

WHERE there is NO REASONING with Someone:
--> "Money" and "Master"-"Commanding" is Necessary ...

But, of Course, with Little-Children, WITHIN the Structure of FAMILY Such "Commands" Are-NOT: "SLAVERY" !!! :-)

OBVIOUSLY: the ((("chosens"))) are TRYING to TOTALLY-DESTROY: "Family" ...

And IMPLEMENT a "Powerless-Plebes": ((("master"))) "SLAVE" ...
NO: "Family" or "Friends" or (individual)-Strength:
((("Money"))) / ((("Rules"))) Based: ((("master"))) "SLAVE" ...
With NO-Possible-ESCAPE: (((system))) !!! :-o

Albert said...

Which LED Me to Write THIS Today ...

(THIS Question is The CRUX of Our Present DIRE "Predicament"! -- As WE cannot even Imagine: Being-so-Loathsome!)

What Kind of "people" are Soooo Disgusting ... That (((they))) Have-To: Pass "Laws" "Forbidding" You: to "HATE" (((them))) ?!!!

The Very SAME "people" (((who))): "Kid"-nap, "Tenderise", and EAT: Our Beautiful, Adorable, PRECIOUS Little-Children! :-(

BB9 Calls (((them))) ((("neanderthals"))) ... a Very DIFFERENT-ALIEN-"Species" ... A PREVIOUS-Creation ... (((which))) HATES the-Line-of-Adam / Logos !!!

What GROUP of Secret-"people" ... Are NOT / and CANNOT BE PART: of OUR-FAMILY ?!!!

What GROUP of "Professional"-"people" ... Always HATE, Despise, and "Prey"-Upon / "FEED"-OFF: Of US: Only always PRETENDING to BE: "Our Friend" / "Helper" ?!!!
-- [(((who))) ALWAYS Get PAID: No MATTER How-DIRE: Is OUR LOSS / "FATE", from (((their))) "good-intentioned" "Help"!]
--> "lawyers" (FEAR of Loss of: Money, LIFE!) , "financial-advisors" (FEAR of Loss of: Money!), "doctors" (FEAR of Loss of: LIFE!), "teachers", "entertainers"-"stars", ...
-- And, as WE ALL "Know": The MORE-MONEY (((they))) CHARGE / COST / are-PAID ... the "Better" (FAKE)-"Friend" / "Defender" / "Protector" (((they))) Are !!! ;-)

What GROUP of "people" ... Are NOT / and CANNOT ever BE: OUR-TRUE-FRIENDS ?!!!
-- But Rather HATE-us-More-and-More--with-a- Vengeance: the More KINDLY and "Equally" -- that We Treat (((them))) (eg: Russia, and Germany!)

Both: Our Family, And Our Friends ... Are CLOSE, and: in a Reciprocal-Exchange/Feedback over-Time:
We Truly GET to KNOW: WHO They ARE: "Warts and All", in Good-Times, and Bad-Times! ...
-- And, Of Course: We Appreciate, Rely-Upon, Trust, and LOVE Them, more and More, Over Time, too ! :-)

What GROUP of "people" ... Are NOT / and CANNOT BE a PART: of OUR-TRUE-FAMILY, or TRUE-FRIENDS ?!!!

A GROUP of "people" ...
[(((who))) Due to (((their))) WEAKNESS, and In-Ability to Powerfully-Generously-CREATE ...
(((who))) Due to (((their))) Being Sooo very ALIEN: to the Mutual-LOVE-within-Our-Hearts ...
-- Can ONLY: Enviously-HATE US !!!]
(((who))) can ONLY BE: "Our-(Slave)-MASTERS" ... THROUGH: (((their))) "clever" "BLACK-Magic":
FAKE-"Money", and "NEWS"/"Entertainment/Education/EnTrainment/Conditioning/PROGRAMMING, FAKE-"Laws"/"Just-(((us)))" ...

With: NO REAL / TRUE: "Consenting" / Voluntary-Informed-FREE-Choice / Reciprocal / Give-and-Take / Feed-Back ... Where TRUST is Truly-EARNED !!!

Albert said...

Continuing ...

A GROUP of "people" (((who))) KNOW and Honour-NOT:

Self Reliance
Perseverance ...

... as WE: Reciprocally-KNOW Them !!!

But, Rather Revere:
BRAZEN SHAMELESS INTRANSIGENT ("Star-Chamber" COLD Calculating Conspiracy) in-Your-Face: BOLD-BIG-LIES, and "Double-Down", "All-In", sheer-GILE: "Hoots-Phah"!

(((who))) so "cleverly" Deploy: MURDER, TERROR, FORCED-COMPLIANCE: ALL Step-by-Step "Cleverly" IMPLEMENTED / IMPOSED UPON US ALL:
Unknowingly / Involuntarily ... Like an Iron-TRAP: Erected-AROUND-US-All Step-by-Step-Under-the-Cover-of-DARKNESS / a MASK:
-- All In the NAME / Under-the-GISE of:

"Voluntary Informed Consent"

Projection, Inversion, MASKS (Using "Words" with: DIFFERENT/Changed-Meanings. A SEPARATE-Distinct: Group/Race: Only "cleverly" CLAIMING to Be: "Friends"/"Brothers", Friendly/Brotherly, "fellow-Whites"/men!)

DIVIDE and (Let's: YOU and HIM FIGHT!)-"RULE" :-(

The SUN (Gold WARM) "Embodies": Powerful Generous: LIGHT / CREATION / LIFE
The Lion "Symbolises" (Family-HEAD-Great-GrandFather-Like-KING) POUNCING: Tearing-Apart-Actually-Weak-"Bully"-Like-Evil! Protecting, and Raising-Up: Those Below-Him!

The MOON (Silver/Blue COLD) "Symbolises": Bitter Envious: DARKNESS / DESTRUCTION / DEATH
The Crab (Dung-Beetle?) "Symbolises" (Arse-Hole Vampire/Leach) In-Direct CREEPING (slime-mould) Spreading: Virus/Venom POISON: Corrupting, Withering, and Consuming All-that-is-GOOD, for its-OWN: Temporary-"Gain"/"Life"!

We HAVE: ever-DEEPENING: Reciprocal Mutually-BENEFICIAL: Connections and "Obligations": to Our (Growing)-FAMILY-TREE ...

We HAVE: ever-DEEPENING: Reciprocal Mutually-BENEFICIAL: Connections and "Obligations": to Our (Growing)-FRIENDS ...

Not only May our Friends and Family: have even Previously SAVED Our LIVES ... But Their Friendship and Help: Has Permeated Who-we-Now-ARE: on Many Levels! :-)

(THIS "Grown-Up" System is, of course: The "Birds" (Friends: Peer-to-Peer "Equals"), and the "Bees" (Family: Hierarchical Each-Contributes in a Generational-Handing-Down / Passing-On RELAY - Kith and Kin)

("Privacy"): We May-NOT: WANT to interact with STRANGERS (TRUE-TRUST Needs to be Well-EARNED!) on Such an INTIMATE Level, or with such Enduring: Connections and Obligations!

Gold and Silver Coins, Minted-and-Certified By the KING'S-Seal, ALLOW us: To Fairly Equitably SAFELY: Interact / Exchange: With Others ... WITHOUT such Enduring: Connections and Obligations!

FAKE-"Money" / "USURY" / ("Blood-Sucking"-"Parasitism"): Is a Type of "BLACK-Magic": Which FORCES Others: to WORK to more and More: Further ENSLAVE-Themselves! :-(

This UN-NATURAL "clever" Exploitative System: Of the ((("middle-man"))): "cleverly"-TWISTS, and Finally-INVERTS: Natural Voluntary MUTUALLY-BENEFICIAL Exchanges / Interactions ...


What Sort of CREATURES Require "Laws"-AGAINST: "HATING" and DESPISING and Shunning / "Removing" (((them))) ???!

A: Foreign, WEAK, DISGUSTING, Wicked, Perverted, Twisted, DANGEROUSLY-DESTRUCTIVE: ALIEN entities (((who))) HATE and DESPISE: Our very Existence: Of POWERFUL GENEROUS Expanding-GROWING: (Based upon TRUTH) BEAUTIFUL CREATION !!!

zapoper said...

Are you done now, do you feel better Albert? I mean just from the amount of vomit alone, I assume that the endorphins must have kicked in by now?

Albert said...


After Letting-Out: that You were KINDLY-HELPING that Old-Man ...

We ALL NOW-KNOW: That Behind all of Your Stern-Bluster-FACADE:

You are, underneath all that "Sternness" ........ a Softie ;-)

We Might Have to Re-Name You: Zap-Popper / Zap-Pappie / Zap-Happy :-)

Albert said...

* Zap-Poppa

zapoper said...

I feel so alone. Nobody understands my sense of humor. And about my first post on this thread, the only thing that wasn't a joke is that Chatzy truly sucks donkey balls. LOL

Sorry scorpio.

I mean it was a good show. I listened to it live for three hours with commercials and all. I even edited and uploaded Barrett's false fag Wee while listening to you in the background. That is some serious dedication. ROFL.

zapoper said...

I do appreciate the preparation and all that is involved in doing a live radio show. I wouldn't be able to do it so bravo to you scorpio and others that do it too.

P.S. This one is not dry humor. LOL

Steve said...

The body of 'George Floyd' that was lifted onto the gurney had no legs


zapoper said...

And his toe nails were not clipped?

zapoper said...

I bet that before he was stomped, he fell on his own footprint.

zapoper said...

The mini nukes under his rubber "souls" activated with the help of Dimitri.

KnownUnknown said...

Lol! Its all such bullshit - pure fake left/right crap

Panzerfaust said...

Ref hour 3, 9/11 drones, read, or download, this url

Panzerfaust said...

Anyone who parrots Zion Don and the controlled opposition patriotard sites' assertion that Obama was a Kenyan is going down a false trail.
Barack Obama's father was the Communist activist, pulp author, and porn photographer Frank Marshall Davis.

Panzerfaust said...

This was my first listen. Very good show, top notch, until the retarded Zuckerberg alien and the UFO shit.
Zap, you pile on Rense for the very same direction.

zapoper said...

I just say what I feel like saying about Rense. It is clear that I don't give a fuck about aliens from other planets.

Of course it is valid to investigate. Personally it is a waste of time. We should focus our energies into solar and turbines.lol Greenpeace is such a great bullshit organization, my underwear are being transformed into free energy...

Women love it!!!

Holly Woodrow said...

Only two kinds of hope: Bob Hope and no hope thanks guys great show

Panzerfaust said...

Really? I concluded you're a chatty hyperemotional drunken faggot.

zapoper said...

By saying such a thing, you can look forward to being spamboxed.

zapoper said...

Bruce in texas that thinks he's all that.

zapoper said...

Every time I hear Bruce in a show, I know that I will be bored to death.

zapoper said...

Texas my ass!

Captain Ahab said...

I hear Chaz already has some great Airbnb tents available!

Zeebra said...

good one here if a mod wants to post:

Spiro interview w long time anti-Agenda21/30 activist Rosa Koire, author of "Behind the Green Mask", 36 mins:

"What Is The Real Agenda Behind The Effort To Defund & Dismantle The Police?"

spoonful said...

I knew Uncle Fester . . . Joe Biden is NO Uncle Fester

Zeebra said...

"Toe" Rogan would have us believe that he spotted only four blacks among a hundred looting videos.


coincidenceskeptic said...

Gabrielle Giffords got a war ship named after her...and a fake head wound...and a fake astronaut husband with a fake astronaut twin brother. The infinite layers of bullshit have to be taken in from a distance to see the whole picture.

BREW said...

wait... just wait... one of these nations (usa most likely) will be naming a ship after, Saint George Floyd.

To celebrate another successful hoax that changed a nation, and the world.

zapoper said...

It has to be known that coincidenceskeptic is a Hollywood Jew and is on our side. Rare occurrence.