June 29, 2020

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2020.06.29

Episode 40 - Joseph Gregory Hallett and Q

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BillyBob said...

You are right to be skeptical Alan. This guy Charley Ward is hilarious. He exposed himself yesterday as the world's worst researcher. He was on Crowdsourcethetruth with Jason Goodman:

Charley claims that Sandra Bulloch has been arrested, then says many more celbrities have been arrested, Streisand, Brad Pitt. - when questioned for a source he laughed at Jason told him that he was too tied up in mainstream sources - because he has special sources that he pays for....

So Jason pressures him to reveal his Sandra Bulloch source! Charley provides the source which is a website in Panama that will provide you with arrest details for many celbrities for only $49.95 or something like that..

The most embarrassing Q'idiot I've ever seen.

Charley has no clothes, and Ole should be ashamed of himself for backing Charley Ward.. Ward claims on the show that the internet will go down in Canada between July 2 - 9th.

Charley is proof positive that you don't have to be smart to make $$ on the net, since he came up with zero research .. his web followers have gone up 50x .. hilarious.