June 25, 2020

The Communist Destroyed South Africa They're Doing The Same Thing To The West


Albert said...

They ARE: They're

"The Communist Destroyed South Africa There Doing The Same Thing To The West"


The Communist>s Destroyed South Africa They're Doing The Same Thing To The West

Forge The Bond said...

Hey, Albert, you're not supposed to use a white racist dictionary. All spellchecks should be done via the Swahili edition. Black Spelling Matters!

Chains said...


Chains said...

Fixed it Albert

Albert said...

"Rainbow Nation"

is Pronounced:

Rapo-Murdo Nation ;-)

Black: "We should STOP Murdering the White-FARMERS Who FEED us ALL !!!
-- What Will We EAT ... IF we KILL them ALL ?!"

"Based Black": "We can EAT-Each-Other ... Like we Always HAVE !!!"

Black: OK then! -- I PREFER Eating-PEOPLE ... to Vegetables !!!"

coincidenceskeptic said...

Most of us here in the fortress known as the US, mainly vulnerable to attacks from the terrorists known as media, we have no frame of reference for the level of violence seen elsewhere.
When I hear "Necklacing" I think, "Bukkake!"
When the ANC talks about "Necklacing" they mean burning gasoline in a tire hung around the neck.
The huge difference in terms here is due to the fact that I do not live in South Africa.
I live in the porn capital of the world. We built rocket engines here, too. The ones that "Took us to the Moon"
Which one of those business models survived, here?
My point is, there is really only one thing that slowed down the progress of this kind of shit going full chimp out for an extended period of time in the US. Private ownership of guns.
The cops appear to stand down, because they are, mostly. They are there to keep control of the live action film shoots.
When Hollywood does it, very often off duty cops are used to keep everyone not involved with the production out of the production.
As bad as the rioting has been, it really is nothing compared to what it could look like if this were a real uprising fueled by real popular outrage instead of money.
What is up with all that cash Corporations have pledged to BLM? They want in. It's a hot property and they smell cash. I know. It does smell a lot like blood. Strictly a coincidence. The profit they reap may be mostly comprised of Virtue Signalling Cards - false opposition to the false opposition they probably had a hand in creating, too. With Fear as a byproduct that needs no refining, never runs out, and is always in high demand. An addiction most people do not even realize they have and is worse in the damage it does than all the illegal substances combined...especially for the colored folk.

Nona said...

I just came across this site:

"The Slaughter of Cities" and review