June 25, 2020

The Brizer Show 2020.06.22

Brizer's guests:Erika (Citizen Reporter), Paul English, Patricia Aiken and Alex van Leugten

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Zeebra said...

FYI, from Harry Vox (Brizer's guest 2-3 weeks ago)

"Just had a SCORCHING FIERCE radio show with Richie Allen in Great Britain"

should be interesting, as Harry is Kaminski-esque in how he bangs on the JP, while Richie is stand-offish at best...

1h 50m; begin at 53m for Harry's intro:

RickB said...

It was refreshing to hear Harry Vox tell the truth. But equally suffocating to hear Richie Allen counter the truth.

Richie Allen demonstrated why we goyim can't have the truth: We must appease and please the jews. We can not upset them.

Albert said...

Very Enjoyable Brizer !!! :-)