July 23, 2020

A Lie Too Big To Fail!


BillyBob said...

Don't know where else to put this! I had to reinstall gmail just to leave this message, but I think it's message is important.

In Ontario many municipalities have compulsory mask policies! CBC ran an article that showed how forcing people with breathing difficulties - WAS against the Ontario Human Right's Code! The article was withdrawn, and an EDITOR at CBC - stated: "This does not apply to Canada - in Canada a private business can do what it wants" .


It is AGAINST the Ontario Human Rights Code to force masks period! My first mask adventure was at LensMills store .. they flat out refused my entry, so I contacted their head office: HO told me "that it is store policy to force mask use, and we could care less about COPD or breathing difficulties" WRONG AGAIN! Since I have it writing from this dufus at head office - I'm filing a complaint with the OHRC!

Today I go to slavemart to get a new pair of glasses made, same issue: WM| Can't come in without mask! ME: I have COPD - WM:We don't care what you have no mask no entry Me: You'd better call a supervisor WM: NO I don't have to Me: can i talk to the manager .. manager tells me to get lost.. come home call Slavemart .. finally get a responsible person: You are right sir they were wrong to deny you admittance, so I'm going back tomorrow to gloat.

Now that I know my rights - no-one can push me around - so many little tyrants just waiting to wield power.

As mentioned earlier I do have a letter from my crack medical team stating that I can't wear a mask.

Thought you'd like to know this.

They can't force you to put a mask on.. Fuckheads!

BillyBob said...

The best part is every municipality sets fines for violating mask policy, and in this case Lensmills can be charged $5,000 per infraction. I know it's 70,000 in the states, but hey this is in the bargain basement pedophile capital of the world!

Captain Ahab said...

Pandora's Box: Riots, Protests and Madness- Degenerative Chaos on Parade


Chains said...

Yeah we all better man up! I'm glad you to hear you pushed the issue.

When the day comes that you have to suck a dick will you? There are things worse than death and we had all better decide where our line in the sand is.

Captain Ahab said...

Experts say! Yawwwn!