July 23, 2020

Fake Data And What's Coming (This is Really Frightening)

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Captain Ahab said...

As more and more of the 'contact tracing' begins to be rolled-out, there then will be needed the 'detention facilities' to house those who are unwilling or unable to quarantine themselves. As many know, Sam Walton was involved in the supervision of security for prisoner of war camps for the U.S. military and as many suspect, his Wal-Mart stores were eventually designed with the idea of transitioning them into detention facilities eventually when needed.

The government or military couldn't just start building FEMA camps without drawing the suspicion of the general public, so a plan was possibly devised to create super centers or massive box stores that could be easily be transitioned into detention facilities when needed. This is why many of the superstores have 'watch towers' that can be converted when ready. Here:


Wal-Mart, of course, backwards is Mart(ial) Law. It has been the favorite of the elites due to its ability to destroy small businesses, local communities, and alter local laws over the years. It has also made courts across the U.S. millions through court costs, fines, and arrests by its aggressive prosecution of petty crimes.

If there is to be a time that U.S. citizens are to be rounded up and 'quarantined,' it is within the next year or so I would say. First the mask, then the vaccine, then the detention! We will see! Here is a video that goes into just that possibility.