July 04, 2020

America's Great White Outdoors!!πŸ“Œ


Nona said...

"She doesn't feel welcome if there are no dark skins around..." in the woodlands?

Why doesn't she go camping over there in India? There's a lot of dark skins, there. Right? She'll be feeling welcome, there.

Amazing, how outsiders come in, to continue dividing the Americans.

Nona said...

They're afraid to go camping because of whatever will happen there.
Well, it could be that there are snakes, and bears, and scorpions, etc.

However, the facts are:

- It's the Middle Class with a little money
a vehicle, that go there.

You need transportation. EASY transportation, NOT a bus...slow buses, taking 8 hours to go, and 8 hours to return.

zapoper said...

FFS. ROFL. Look up sloth bear Nona. This is hilarious. How many people are going to think that this serious?

zapoper said...

Jews are so dumb. It is unbelievable. White people are smarter that that. We ain't falling for your bullshit JEWS!!!

Liam said...

Do Black Lives Matter? By L. Todd Wood

It is your job to determine if this is a racist rant or just a review of factual data...


Amount of people in poverty would drop - 34%,
The prison population would go down by -37%,
Welfare recipients would go down by - - - 42%,
Gang members would go down by - - - - - 53%
Chlamydia cases would go down - - - - - - 54%,
Homelessness would go down - - - - - - - -57%
Syphilis would go down - - - - - - - - - - - - 58%.
AIDS & HIV would go down by - - - - - - - -65%,
Gonorrhea would go down - - - - - - - - - - -69%,
Average ACT scores would go UP - - - - - 5.5 points.
Average IQ would go UP - - - - - - - - - - - -7.4 points, putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan,
Average SAT scores would go UP almost - - - - -100 points,
The average income for Americans would go UP over $20,000 a year,


And, many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work!

Yes, Black lives DO matter!

Zeebra said...

gotta vent about JeffC - I've seen his stuff here/there for >3 years now. Plainly a smart guy, interesting observations/analysis of things. I think I heard him say once, he's a (new?) car salesman IRL.

but I cant stand his constant loud fake belly laughs, hyena-cackles, which he turns on/off with a switch, purely for mock/ridicule effect. The 'effect' on me at least, is being turned off by the insincerity & manipulativeness of this gambit, which is peppered all too generously through his otherwise "truth-teller" shtick! Just makes me roll my eyes -- the shite which triggers Jeff to switch on/off his "belly laugh" switch, don't even make me crack a smirk.

there, duly vented! :~)

zapoper said...

Negroes are scared to go swimming. Is that because of Whites too? I thought that it might be some karma thing but I'm sure now that it's because of Whites. LOL

I can't believe that the Jews over at ABC tried to sell all this bullshit to the general public. Who the fuck believes then anymore? ROFL

Zeebra said...

this tweet w screencaps of ABC's story is going viral

does this post with JeffC bloviating & fake belly laughing for 26 mins really deserve to be pinned through July 4th?!

how bout this one from some laughable black/gay blue-checkmark SJW:

"Sexual racism is racism. If you're white & you find yourself writing off an entire ethnic group from your dating or sex life because you can't imagine finding them attractive, recognise this as a learnt behaviour which originates in white supremacy. Here's some more info: (1/2)"

^ insert REAL belly laugh here... :~)

Chains said...

Yeah jeff c is over the top sometimes, but his content is usually pretty good IMHO.

Does july 4th really hold any real significance other than in a historic sense. It's kind of a joke in the face of the current events going down in many parts of the US.

Chains said...

BTW zap pinned the post, not I.

Zeebra said...

through my gen-X life, July 4th has mainly been a national holiday; all fed jobs get it off work... baseball & bbq's thing mostly.

yes the "celebrating independence/freedom" theme is but a cruel joke this year... in the middle of this #JewFluWorldOrderPlandemic scam, (((bolshevik revolution 2.0))), bloody hell!

(((Houston Chronicle))) today...

a repost of this meme would be timely:

RickB said...

Diddo, Zeebra,

I happened upon Jeff C recently. I liked the jew-wise chatroom... not him so much.

Didn't make it all the way through either of his postings here.

Chains said...

I have been following him for close to ten years. His older work on so many false flags has been excellent. In particular the Ottawa shooting the Boston Bombing and Sandy hook to name a few have all been excellent. His channel has been deleted so many times. I think if i hung out with him his obnoxious demeanor would be hard to take, or maybe not :) I don't know him. There have been videos i have cut short too. Overall he seems to be on the right side of the truth.

Zeebra said...

Fetzer debuted his first "The Fetz Presents" today, guest Scott Bennett, 2h


unclear if future shows will also be parked at that "Jim Fetzer" jootube ch -- he'll obv want them backed up somewhere more reliable than jootube's kosher gas chamber....

other recents of interest:

Sofia Smallstorm on SGT Report, 49m

latest Mad Max Igan, 21m

David Icke with TradCatKnight, 50m

"Discussing The Great Reset With James Corbett" - hosted by Irish vlogger Dave Cullen "Computing Forever", 46m

Zeebra said...

#NPCLivesMatter meets #JewFluWorldOrder #SlaveMasks :~D


created it last night in MS Paint (augmenting an existing NPC meme); would be thrilled to have a mod post here

WWS said...

Fetzer voted for Clinton, twice, and Obama, twice.

Captain Ahab said...

I saw this video over at Thescariestmovieever tonight and boy did I need this good laugh. Keep your eye on the guy in the top left web cam; he thinks that he has turned his web cam off while the rest of the conference call is going on, but he doesn't- Ouch!!! Something tells me he will call in sick on the next conference call!


RickB said...

LMAO...Captain Ahab,


Gonna hafta fix that camera switch... and maybe get a new job.

Unfriggin believable!

Zeebra said...

That was disturbing Ahab - that focker just couldn't wait to get his groove on! I was thinking, he's gonna type up some pron site, but then he didn't seem to, & then it occurred to me, he was hot for one+ of the beeotches in the call... which had them all freaking out! too much!

Zeebra said...

Is Scorpio/Giuseppe's Sat show (starts 2p Central IE Live now) supposed to be listenable live?

I go to https://www.revolution.radio & click the studio-A player, and only get a "network error" :'(

Zeebra said...

^ mkay I think I figured out the revolution.radio not playing for me.

appears to be a Brave Browser thing. I tried it in firefox, plays fine. Tried again in brave, both standard & private browser mode, just get "network error."