July 11, 2020

How Do You Know What You Know?

   Excellent summation as to why this Covid scam is such a scam. 


BillyBob said...

Thanks Bryzer, nice to see that Larken is still out there fighting. He was an original in explaining the absurdity of gubbermint.

Voltman said...

"How Do You Know What You Know?"

I don't know but the goyim know.

How Do I Know the goyim know?
I don't know.

Harry McFudd said...

How do I know what I know? I ask myself that question every time I look at anything here. I just did a 30 second whizz through that post my Chainsaw right above, "What on Earth was Going On in the 1800s?" which talks about time loops and worldwide mud floods and I decide "I'm not wasting my time watching that!". I mean, who in their right mind would? Because I guarantee that whoever that dizzy twizzy is narrating she has flatearth on her channel. I don't even have to look because I can spot that whacked out mindset from a mile away. Someone has to be paying her to put out that well crafted mind rot.

And to make it all worse. People here will look at that blatant insanity and titillate themselves that they are some kind of bleeding edge intellectual when in reality there are real subjects you people refuse. Real subject that have actual data backing them up, stuff that blows a hole in science and reveals the hand of the bastards in control. But the entire lot of you is so brainwashing into thinking that science is pure, true and correct because it has been drilled into your heads at the edjumacation camps we were all gang-raped into attending that you are blind.

You do not have real awareness, no matter how much you think you do. They control what you think you believe because they were able to control what you think you know. And that is way scarier than world mudslides and magic time loops that reset history. They own your brain. They own you.

Chains said...

Harry most people are not in their "right minds" LOL I'm am becoming more and more convinced
that our timeline has been messed with. I do not claim to know anything anymore. Its not a bad thing to admit you don't know. Most of us old fuckers can't admit that they have been kicking around on this dirt for over 50 years and have a head full of bullshit LOL It might just be that the bullshit has left stains :)

Chains said...

What is your explanation of the "anomalies" in the second video posted in that post Harry? watch "Buried Street Levels and the Mud Flood" And then give your opinion as to whats going on there. There are many examples of this all over the world. If you get caught bothered by terms like "mud flood" etc then don't use them. What stays constant though are some pretty bizarre anomalies not easily dismissed away. For the record I do not know whether the earth is flat or round. I have looked into it and the globe model comes from kabbalists. In just about every area of our lives deceit has crept in and people believe lies.People are generally extremely uninformed/misinformed. The reason i post these types of videos is because there are some obvious problems with our timeline and the history that is contained within it.I'm not pushing these videos as "the truth" , just to be clear.