July 11, 2020

Are Elite Jews Responsible for #COVID19-#NWO?

Are Elite Jews Responsible for #COVID19-#NWO? And Why Are Such Questions "Unspeakable" Even Though "Were Muslims Responsible for 9/11?" Is Acceptable? By Dr. Kevin Barrett & "EstherWatcher" July 10, 2020

For Zeebra!

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Zeebra said...

ahh thx for posting Chainsaw! as I just commented in the Rense thread,

^ "EstherWatcher" whose article is the key 'BOOM!' part of KB's article above, is in response to the July 4th KB/Monika Schaefer interview, where Esther argues that KB is overly reluctant to say wrt this current JooFlu19/NWO psyop, "IT'S DA JOOZ, STUPID!!"

But kudos to KB for turning EstherWatcher's awesome response into a feature article, where it will get greater circulation. :~)

7/4 KB/Monika show: