July 14, 2020

It's Just A Mask!


Captain Ahab said...

Here is Jay Cutler, a 4-time winner of the Mr. Olympia, training at his gym in Las Vegas with a fucking mask on. Here is a guy who has constantly promoted good health, fitness, and nutrition in his life, yet, he sees no problem with wearing a mask,...especially while training heavily! His training begins at about 24:00 so you don't have to watch the whole annoying video.


Amanda said...

He did a good job, but why did have to stick the 6 million lie in there?

Captain Ahab said...

It seems like Australia(particularly Melbourne)is ground zero for a lot of the measures they are forcing on people. As some of you might be aware, they have whole apartment complexes on lock-down where they are not letting people leave for anything; this includes shopping, running, or even medical visits. Things like shopping are done for them.

They are going to go house-to-house and apartment-to-apartment, not just in Australia, but in every country, and see to it that nobody is left out of the 'contract-ttacing' that they are now rolling out. As you can tell in the video, even people that have tested 'negative' on their bogus tests are not allowed out. Another piece of evidence that this has nothing to do with 'public health' and everything to do with maintaining the fear and tightening the screws on their tyrannical, globalized police-state!


Zeebra said...

max igan's latest vid Tue played this vid at the end. 24m total,

Cornholer Virus Creating The Second Wave

Captain Ahab said...

Allow me to add to the already existing insanity with the Coronabologna. I was sent an email today by the Univ. of Utah library telling me that they were about to reopen in a couple of weeks. I'm a non-student, but I have a non-student library card that I use. Anyhow, the email indicated that from now on after they open, any books that are returned to the library WILL BE QUARANTINED FOR 72hrs due to the big, bad virus. The email also indicated that only faculty, students, and employees would be allowed in the library until further notice.

I'm not sure on this, but I believe all the library books will also now be fitted with masks as well,...you know,...just to be sure!