July 14, 2020

"Over My Dead Body"


Harry McFudd said...

Why the hell are they using a paint roller? I say get a pressurized back pack and splatter that shit with gallons of black paint in seconds. Fuck the lines! Stand back fuckers! KerSplatterize that yellow bitch!!!! And if anyone gets in your way paint their asses too and right in the fucking faces!!!

Chains said...

LOL yeah they are allegedly get jail time for use their paint and roller set up!

Captain Ahab said...

For those interested, Shaun Atwood was able to get a live link to Maxwell's bail hearing. I haven't listened to it all, but it begins at about 1:05:00. They are saying that they are not allowing people and cameras into the court room due to Covid, but we know that is BS because the Lori Vallow case has no problem with these. According to reporters who listened in, Maxwell did speak during this hearing. I'm still very skeptical about this whole operation.