July 21, 2020

Scorpio's Conspiracy Show 2020.07.18

Scorpio Show # 22 on Revolution.radio

Hour 1 And Hour 2:

Part two of the prerecorded interview with Mike King and Giuseppe. Part one here

Topics Include:

1) Welcome To The Wide World Of Covid
2) Talismans Of Compliance
3) Jews Turn Off My Power

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zapoper said...

I was laughing out loud at parts of the intro. Good one.

Sally said...

Re Harry Vox thinking the 2014 Ebola outbreak was their first attempt to create pandemic this is an interesting rabbit hole


zapoper said...

Scorpio seems to have been a victim of a power failure. This is not reassuring anyone these days. He should get solar panels and batteries etc.

Eric said...

Where can you listen to the after show?

Scorpio said...

Guys, what happened?
Last I remember it was 3:45pm est and we were talking about the holocaust on my show.
I have missing time....
....and my ass hurts.

zapoper said...

ROFL scorpio.

I recorded the after show:


Albert said...

There is an Old-Saying:

"The WEAKEST Link in the Chain!" ...

In Terms of "Thinking" there is:

"He Has a-few-'screws'-LOOSE!"

I will STATE this very-Plainly:

UNLESS: Americans and British* Frankly-ACKNOWLEDGE:

That THEY Were / Have Been TERRIBLY-(((Duped))) to Fight in

"WWI" AND "WWII" ...

(The 30 Years ((("Kill the BEST of the 'Goyim'!"))) White-Genocide-(((Project)))!)

--> On the (((WRONG)))-Side ..............

There "simply" WILL BE: NO ENVISIONING: a Repaired HAPPY-White-World ...

And THUS: There WILL, indeed, BE a TOTAL-"Victory" For the: Anti-White-(((forces))) !!! :-( -- In "REALISING" (((their)))-Twisted-Pathetic-EVIL-"Dreams" !!!

And the "NWO" Total-Trans-formation of the Whole-World ... into a "Living"-HELL !!! :-o

*Of Course the WHITE-Russian-People Were indeed Terribly Torturously "Butchered" BY the (((bolsheviks))) ...... Which They MUST Now somehow-Know-to-SOME-Extent!
-- But THIS Complete-Understanding MUST NOW Also Encompass "Russia's"-ROLE In:
"WWI" and "WWII" As-WELL !!! --- FACT !!!

Albert said...

The Scorpio Giuseppe et-al AFTER-SHOW:


And Sally's Harry-Vox Link:


zapoper said...

Fucking hell. Albert is dreaming in technicolor. Someone please wake him up. lol

zapoper said...

What's up with all the fucking links for nothing. I gave it earlier. Copy and paste you fucking morons.

Stop doing that. The receiving server tells that in came from here.

I'm trying to fly under the radar. FFS

zapoper said...

Do think that I cannot do the same thing as you Albert?

Why do you think that I have not done it in all those years?

It fucking took you 20 some tries before you were able to hyperlink. And what did I say in that thread?

zapoper said...

It really is time for Scorpio to get solar panels etc.

Zeebra said...

^ Any browser I'm aware of, incl Brave which I use, lets U highlight a non-clickable URL, then right click, & coz browser recognizes what's highlighted is an URL, U'll find "Go to..." or "Open URL in new tab" etc. So it's a couple clicks less work than copy/pasting -- we all know how exhausting all that copy/paste clicking is -- I need a nap after too much of it! Plus that (also) doesn't tell the target URL who the referring website was.

On Harry Vox, he seems to have hibernated for past several years, if U look at his YT ch:

& just become more active in recent few months... maybe after his "VR Holocaust Experience" satire vid went viral?

^ the mirror @ Max Igan's (former, recently shoah'ed) YidTube ch had 10s of Ks of views.

@ twatter:

zapoper said...

When you put the links like you did, The browser only recognizes https:// and knows that it's a link. It does not divulge where it came from as opposed to direct links.

zapoper said...

rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"

Does that tell you anything?

Zeebra said...

George Papadopoulos
I am currently abroad in Europe with my wife. No one is wearing masks. Everyone is enjoying their summer without restrictions. The “ban” on Americans traveling is political, just like about everything else regarding covid. Don’t politicize this anymore. People see through the bs.
11:56 AM · Jul 18, 2020


Albert said...

I Listened to the "After Show" ... It was GREAT!

(I POSTED THIS-Comment, but not many May SEE it! ;-)

Scorpio and Giuseppe PLEASE "Note" ;-)

--> I really LIKE Listening to "Caller": Paul !!! :-) :-) :-)

-- Even His "Black Pills" are Delivered in a Very En-COURAGING way!

He is Certainly-NOT: A "One Trick Pony"! :-)

Paul has: Many many Angles, ideas, opinions, Wise-Grounded Advice, interesting and encouraging-US-to-Get-Out-There: Personal-anecdotes!

And Paul is very "Personable" in His "compassionate" Treatment of even-strangers ...

-- And ALSO Other Talk-Hosts: "I agree with a Lot / All of What-YOU-Say ... But, also ..." ;-)

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

The hypnosis you see is called talmudic black magic. "they" = the jew parasites.
Mike King and Mike Walsh are the best you can hope for these days to help connect the dots.
"dots" = men that darn tiny hats (usually black, as a reflection of their harts and souls, in your face). (((They))) are the ones behind all the mayors, selectmen, congress, and senate ownership. Guys like (((Epstein))) help a great deal to steal and own their moral compasses.

"Internment camps" sounds very exciting, and one way forward at this time (with no chosen bloodshed), but it will demand the educated understanding of the Goyim/Gentiles/Christians/Muslims, to be able to see, identify, and eliminate their common (((enemy))). All the drivel, speech, words, and assumptions will do NOTHING, until the (((parasites))) are identified and dealt with accordingly.

Thanks for such a great 4 hours of fun filled enlightening facts. Now, on to the solution. :)

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

My bad - Luciferian = jew, too. Notice how everyone says they they they and never jews jews jews, when it's actually, provably, the jews jews jews. - There's definitely a huge deceptive disconnect within the walls folks.

Don't put on that mask, or at least, don't forget it, to be "free. lol


Zeebra said...

RE the jooflu19 psyop perps trying to foist a #HeroesWearMasks 'slogan' on us, check twatter's hashtag timeline for it:


suggest trolling the twatts which appear 'sincere' in pushing this reality-inverting 'slogan', & re/tweeting dank anti-slave-mask memes, including the hashtag, + other "pro-mask" tags like #WearAMask #MaskUp #MasksSaveLives #InItTogether #FlattenTheCurve etc.

the second you include anti-slave-mask or anti-jooflu19 psyop hashtags like #NoMasks #DropTheMasks #SlaveMasks #SlaveMuzzles etc, your twatt will be shadowbanned & see almost no eyeballs. Tricky gaslighting jooz, they are!

KnownUnknown said...

Donald Trump is the dumbest of the dumb! Forget 4d chess he couldn't play tic-tac-toe against a lemming.

Are the kids being rescued from tunnels all over the US and not just NY?

I can't believe you people think this fucking moron is anything to shout home about...

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Wow man (KnownUnknown). Here you have authors, and researchers stating their own opinions, and basing said opinions on their very own observations, and you immediately become triggered into full blown TDS rage. What's up with that? Please state facts etc.. to back up your tantrum, before I begin to give details about your fagot, bi-sexual, pedophile, tranny loving freak Prime Minister. LOL

With all due respect, Are you retarded? Eeeh?

Albert said...


He Stole My -------- !!!


NO! You / He Stole it! ("Projection")

I Didn't Steal it! -- You / He: Gave-it-To-Me : I Found it : I was Given it : I bought it ... : It was MINE Before / Always ...

Legal-"Liability" Problems For CAUSING (Chronic)-Sickness / DEATH:

He POISONED My: Air : Water : Food : Products which-I-Bought ...
He POISONED Me By: Radiation / (Pulsed/Modulated/Powerful)-Electro-Magnetic-Radiation ...
He STARVED Me OF / BY-Poor-Quality: Air : Water : Food : Products-which-I-NEED-to-LIVE/Healthily!

(NO! You / He Did / "Chose" it ... "Projection")

We Didn't Do / CAUSE That!

-- There are LOTS of POISONS in the: Air : Water : Food : Products which-You-Buy ...
-- There is NO-("Scientific")-"Proof" that WE / OUR POISON -- POISONED You!
-- There is NO-("Scientific")-"Proof" that WE / OUR RADIATION -- POISONED You!
-- There is NO-("Scientific")-"Proof" that WE / OUR: Air : Water : Food : Products are Poor-Quality!

("Legal Department": You NEED a BETTER LIE !!!)

We Didn't POISON Anyone!
-- It WASN'T a "POISON" !!! -- It was a "VIRUS*" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- And The (POISONOUS)-SHITE We INJECT INTO You ALL: Is a "Vaccine" ...

Hence There IS ABSOLUTELY NO ("Legal")-"Liability" On-OUR-Part !!!

But Your "Vaccine" Within Minutes / Hours / Days: KILLED My Child !!! / MADE My Child "Autistic" !!!

You're just "crazy" !!! -- There IS NO ("Scientific")-PROOF ... For ANY of the "crazy"-Things You SAY !!!

AFTER EVERYONE Has Been "Vaccinated":

--> You're just "crazy" !!! -- There IS NO ("Scientific")-PROOF ... For ANY of the "crazy"-Things You SAY !!!

*"VIRUS" MEANS: POISON !!!!!!!!!!
("Rebuttal": No it DOESN'T ... It is a "Magical" Ever-sooo-Tiny-DEAD-Genetic-Material...)

("clever" "Brainstorming" / "War Gaming" Sessions)

jews: 6 Gorrillion jews were "Holocausted"!

Sceptic: WHERE are the 6 Gorillion BODIES!?

jews: It's Difficult to FIND Them / There ARE None!

Sceptic: That's STRANGE! -- There are MANY Mass-Graves and BODIES From the OTHER-Previous (Armenia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Cambodia etc): Genocides ...

jews: Um, Ahh ... They were "Cremated"! -- That's WHY there are NO BODIES to be Found!
-- But There ARE MANY: "Eye-Witness"-Accounts/ STORIES Of the: Crematoriums / Gassings / etc...

Sceptic: Yeh, Right. OK! -- Cremation TAKES a LOT Of TIME/FUEL/Crematoriums/Labour ...
-- And Those: "Eye-Witness"-Accounts/ STORIES Of the: Crematoriums / Gassings / etc... ARE NUTS ... !!!

jews: "Denier"! : "Hater"! : "Anti-Semite"! : "Ebil-Naaatseee"!

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

zapoper said...

Does anyone still have the patience to read Albert's so called comments?

zapoper said...

Annoying fucktard comes to mind.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Hahahah Zapoper! Actually, you NEED to read between HIS LINES. The guy is a genius in his own right, and has his most unique style of written delivery. His take on a court trial is right on. :)

Keep it up Albert - With all your SWINGS at the (((BALL))) sir, you do hit some REALLY long HOME RUNS. :)

Albert said...

THANKS for sticking-Up-for-Me BBIII !!! :-)

I don't even Remember My Take: on a Court Trial! ;-)

Here's my Take on Medical-Malpractice Law-suits:

("Standard Medical Procedure" ... where: A Doctor "injects" you and you Drop-DEAD ... is "cleverly" NOT "considered": "Mal-Practice"!)

1) A Doctor / Hospital CAUSES You, or a Loved-one to Be Terribly-HARMED, or DIE!

2) The Remaining-Victims Find a "Lawyer" who "Agrees" to Sue-on-Your-Behalf for: 30-50% of any Settlement-Payment.

3) "Your" "Friendly"-Lawyer SAYS all-manner of Encouraging and "Friendly" Things!

4) YOU Oh soooo Foolishly BeLIEve that (especially since HE will GET: 30-50% of the $$$ !) HE will DO His Darndest to Win FOR You!

5) Once YOU have LEFT ... He actually Does SHIT-ALL on Your "Case" -- He "simply" FILES the Beginning-Paperwork ...
-- And THEN Proceeds to LET the Whole-Thing ... Drag-ON-and-On-and-On ... For as Loooong as it "Takes" !!!

(NOTE: "Your" Lawyer already Pre-HATES You! -- He is Only "Pretending" to Be Your "Friend" !!! -- The ENTIRE "Legal" Mechanics is a Slooow Deliberately-Drawn-Out: "clever" CRUEL TORTURE System! -- Where THEY are ALL: "Members of the Bar-Ass-ociation"!)

6) "Your" Lawyer TAKES On: As MANY: 30-50% Commission "Cases" as He CAN! ;-)
-- He KNOWS that a Certain % of Cases Will indeed Be "Settled" ... "in Your Favour" ... no-matter-what!

7) YOU and Your-Loved-Ones HAVE-been / ARE the Ones WHO have Actually Been Terribly-HARMED ....
...... and Will Endure the Prolonged PAINFUL results of such For Year after Year after YEAR!

8) The ONLY "Effort" that "Your" Scum-Bag-Lawyer (NO! -- "Your" Lawyer: IS NO "exception"!) will EVER Put-in ...
-- Is in the SLICK "Friendly" LIES He TELLS You to CON You ... WHEN-ever You are in-his-office !!!

9) The "Settlement" "Negotiation" "Process" Between the: Hospital and Doctor's LAWYERS, and the Judge, and "Your"-Lawyer ...
(Despite Your "Case" Dragging on for: Months into Years!) Most Likely Goes something Like This:
"Whose "Turn" is it to "Win" / "Lose" on This-One!? ...
Yeh Yeh Yeh, OK, so He LOST: Two-Legs, and an Arm ... / Her Husband Was KILLED ...
OK, what can WE Get-Away-With!?" ;-)

Folks FOOLISHLY "Think" that "BECAUSE" "Their" Lawyer is GETTING: a 30-50% "Cut" ...
HE: "Has an Incentive" to: "Work HARD for THEIR "Case"! ;-) -- That's NOT: How it Works! :-o

Albert said...

A simpler Example is: "Stomach-Stapling" / "Stomach-Band" Operations:
Maybe 1-2 People per-100 DIE "on-the-Operating-Table" !!! :-o
--> The Insurance-Payments to "Cover" this add-up-to $Millions ...

Hence the Operation COSTS / Is "Worth": $100,000s ...

----> You DON'T "want" this CRAZY-SHIT: Done-TO-You, EVER!, ... Even For "FREE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

(Being Really Really-FAT: Is Basically a "Slow-Motion-Explosion"! -- Like an Expanding-Balloon:
--> MORE Food is GOING-IN ... than COMING-OUT! :-o

--> STOP: Eating SHIT !!! ;-) .............. Or You WILL DIE !!!
"Surgery" is-NOT "Worth": $100,000s ... rather You Want to AVOID "Doctors" ... LIKE the PLAGUE !!! ;-)

Financial-Advisors (FEAR of Losing your Hard-Earned MONEY!) ...
Lawyers (FEAR of Losing your MONEY / and or LIFE!) ...
Doctors (FEAR of Losing your LIFE) ...
Teachers ...
Politicians ...

--> They ARE-Not ... and CAN-Not EVER Be YOUR "Friends" !!!
But They are Oh sooo "clever" at Con-vincing YOU that They ARE !!! ;-)

A "Funny" "Game" to "Play" with Others is to List-Off the-Above "Professions" ...
-- And Lead-with that They are ALL: LYING-"Corrupt"-Scum!
-- Most Everyone will Readily-AGREE with You! ... BUT That:
"THEIR" (insert Appropriate-Scumbag) is GOOD Though !!! :-o

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

Here is the complete two-hour interview with MS King by Scorpio & Giuseppe in one file. The last 30 minutes never made it to broadcast. https://archive.org/details/msking-giuseppe-scorpio-17-july-20

Albert said...

Thanks Again Giuseppe !!! :-)

I Listened to it Straight-Away !!! :-)

What a Nice Man !!! -- And so many Topics of GREAT-Interest and Importance !!!

I Greatly Look-Forward to ANOTHER Great-Interview with Him ... in some Weeks Time! :-)

Yes! -- "Events" are Now Moving soooo Rapidly !!! :-o

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

Yes, Albert, Mike King is a hero. We will certainly have him back!

Forge The Bond said...

Mike King mentioned Hitler's "pre-suicide note".. does he actually believe Hitler died in the bunker?

Fakk said...

preamble to current coronavirus - 2014 west african ebola epidemic

Fakk said...