July 18, 2020

A Revolution.radio Roundtable. Masks etc... 2020.07.18

The Mechanic With Guests: Deacon John, Paul in SoCal, Guiseppe And GerrBear


Zeebra said...

RE the Joo Proxy Warriors "BLM" & Antifa",

Patriots Arrested; Looters, Rioters Go Free
July 14, 2020 Realist Report

zapoper said...

Same old story.

Albert said...

I really LIKE Listening to "Caller": Paul !!! :-)

-- Even His "Black Pills" are Delivered in a Very En-COURAGING way!

He is Certainly-NOT: A "One Trick Pony"! :-)

Paul has: Many many Angles, ideas, opinions, Wise-Grounded Advice, interesting and encouraging-to-Get-Out-There: Personal-anecdotes!

And very "Personable" in His "compassionate" Treatment of even-strangers ...

-- And ALSO Other Talk-Hosts: "I agree with a Lot / All of What-YOU-Say ... But, also ... ;-)