July 18, 2020

GizzardLane's JUSTINIAN UN Comments!!! Feeding Chickens to the Fish

Additional interesteing video, Thanks Captain Ahab


Captain Ahab said...

As NASA is to macro-space, the medical industry is to micro-space. Also, if viruses have never been proven to exist, then one cannot say that they are contagious either! Much of what we deal with is 'informational consent' that has been hammered into people over multiple generations. This then becomes dogma, and any deviation from that dogma always appears as 'non-authoritative!'

Captain Ahab said...

Shit! I meant the above comment to go to Brizer's video post on 'An Inconvenient Covid Truth-' Oh well!

It was Christina Oxenberg who indicated that Epstein bought Maxwell a helicopter after she finished her pilot's license, and that Maxwell told her after the purchase that they had "complete control over 'privacy,' and complete control over who came and went on the island." One can view her submarine license in the same fashion, because, Epstein had also purchased and planned on developing the island of Great St. James after the purchase in 2016.

As Memory Hold, who does solid work, has shown, there is a possibility that Little St. James could have had a tunnel system installed while Epstein owned it. He shows how Water Island indeed does have a tunnel system and that the Clinton's owned some property on Water Island. Water Island is a few miles from both Little and Greater St. James. There is much to ponder and speculate as to what Maxwell and Epstein were actually planning before everything came crashing down. I'll leave the link to the video by Memory Hold which covers the issue below.


zapoper said...

@ CA. I was indoctrinated too. I got the flu on March 11. This was a Wednesday. It started in the morning with a sore throat. By the time it was evening it was full blown. I was not feeling great to say the least.

Thursday night I could feel it going into my pulmonary system. I had tried many things during those days. On Friday afternoon, I remembered that I had Iodine (Lugol's 7%). I knew from literature that you can use high doses of it without problems.

I have a one liter copper jug and just discarded the dropper and was pouring milliliters of it in there for the first dose. Three hours later I did the same thing again. To make it clear, it was two high doses in six hours.

I shit you not. That afternoon I went through a whole roll of scott towel just for wiping my nose every 4-5 minutes and was reusing some of them. Shit was dying and it was getting out from the nose.

Fast forward the next day. I woke up and felt like shit. That would be Saturday morning. I went to the washroom a couple of times and about two hours later I was back to normal. All gone. (It was still a four hour ordeal because it took two hours before I went to the bathroom)

If you ask my friends that I had on calls, they are going to tell you that it took about five days to get my voice back because of the dry cough I went through in the beginning. I also was spitting disgusting shit coming out of my lungs. You can ask the friends on calls and they were hearing me spitting.

If you ever drank too much in your life and was smoking cigarets at the same time, you will know what I'm talking about. The shit that was coming out of my lungs was dark green to brown.

So what I did really worked but maybe I should have used a lower dose.

Keep in mind that the Rockefeller family was selling turpentine and Lugol's recipe in the late 18 hundreds before they started killing people with the beginnings of big pharma.

In 2007 they decided that you were not allowed to buy more than 30 ml of Lugol's. I wounder why lol. I had ordered mine from Germany and was able to get 100 ml. From that same site. You can now order one liter of it for about 150 CAD.

Captain Ahab said...

We are definitely headed for the river Styx! It's almost like we are all waiting and waiting for something to happen...Some miracle! Most here understand how uncertain and worrisome the future is now, but the majority of the sheep are clueless about what is coming. The lack of widespread resistance is a huge concern! I see mass-hypnosis everywhere! Everyone fallin' in line!

Captain Ahab said...

Hey Zap? I'm showing someone your website and he wants to know what year you started Miami's?

zapoper said...

December 7th 2011

zapoper said...

A date which will live in infamy. lol

Captain Ahab said...

You never know! Maybe one day a great leader will step forth from out of the darkness of the shadows and redeem the world; and he will look back at a press conference one day and credit the many hours and days that were spent absorbing all of the content on Miami's that helped cultivate him as a man and he will state unequivocally, ...that December 7th, 2011!,... this day will be carved deep within the granite of history, a date that represented when the forces of Light finally conquered those of Darkness.

Maybe I'm getting carried away! Thx for the reply. I think I discovered Miami's around 2017 or so?