July 18, 2020

Covid19 Revealed - By Rev Danny Jones NorthLake Baptiste Church April 2020

"With the shekel comes the shackle" Rev Danny Jones


Captain Ahab said...

"No diagnostic testing is required for a death!" Every state is now involved in this Covid number inflating fraud. And yet countless people cannot see through this scam. So basically the criteria is now; if I have the sniffles and I send this comment to Chain who has a headache- we both have Covid now!


zapoper said...

When I was making the rounds for grocery stores two days ago, this young woman could have been 17-20. Hard to tell.

When I entered the store she said: "This is the law". I replied: "this is not lawful". Those are orders. I then turned my head around and some guy was recycling his empty aluminum cans and was all wide eyed. Fucking morons.

Archie Titus said...

Well, every now and then you post something good here that is worth my comment, this was one of them.

Rev Danny Jones, never heard of hm before. He has a good handle on what's going on