July 18, 2020

Press Release – Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court

On Monday, July 6, 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada formally filed legal action in the Ontario Superior Court to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. The defendants include: the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Municipality of Toronto, various public health officers, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, among others. Vaccine Choice Canada has a long history and enviable reputation of advocating for and defending the rights and freedoms of Canadians when it comes to public and individual health.


Forge The Bond said...

Here in Melbourne, Aust., the leftist state govt. have finally moved to enforce masks for outdoor activities (effective Thursday). I can hear the sheeple going baaaaahhh.

zapoper said...

Don't you guys have the lowest per capita fake deaths in the whole western world? And yet they are rolling out this shit? Unbelievable.

Forge The Bond said...

It's definitely beyond belief. FFS! The numbers amount to a nothingburger. But over the last few weeks life was getting back to normal here, so the nanny-state needed to crack the whip.