July 18, 2020

An Inconvenient Covid Truth

              Nice to see Del Bigtree talking with Andrew Kaufman. And the burning question: is there a scientific paper anywhere in the world that shows that CV19 or any other virus has ever been isolated and purified?? Nope. Which begs the question: do contagious viruses even exist? I'll leave it here to draw your own conclusions.

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Zeebra said...

Dr. Kaufman is a likable truther doc, but wrt my own activism, I don't dwell on, or further propagate material which I believe is too much above the average slave-mask wearing layman's pay grade - which includes the foundational bio/chem/immunology assumptions re "viruses."

Dwelling on such 'unknowables' (to most ppl, incl myself!) seems comparable to "911 Truthers" getting bogged down expending their energies in a circle jerk over planes/no-planes @ WTC, thermite/mini-nukes/DEWs, or the pentagon question, all at the expense of time/energy spent outreaching to normies & identifying the (((real perps))) - cohencidentally or not, the same (((perps))) behind the current jooflu19/#JooFluWorldOrder tyranny takeover.

^ the "scientific accuracy" of the dominant viruses/immunology paradigm goes by the wayside in the face of the jooz' technocratic takeover freight train running over humanity atm!