July 18, 2020

The Magic Wand That Entrances The Masses - Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell
"Hollywood is a Druidic system."
 "The Magic Wand is made of holly wood." 
 "America, Canada & Western Civilization are Druidic systems." 

"Most Brilliant 15 Minutes on the Control System"
Jordan Maxwell

 Saturn 's North Pole

Saturn, Lord of the Rings, is the ruler of Capricorn which pertains to the management of material affairs. Saturn is associated with the hexagram, the Black Square, the Black Cube, the Black Death, Black Robes (priests, rabbis, judges & lawyers).

According to Jordan Maxwell, there was NO ancient Israel. Judaism was NOT a BC religion but emerged around the year 1100 when they invented the myth of "ancient Israel".
Jordan mentions movies with 9/11 clues prior to 9/11. 



Chains said...

Yeah, If you think there is actually a hexagon on Saturn's pole region, you are a fool that buys into all the Talmudic bullshit you claim to despise.

Chains said...


zapoper said...

Let's take this outside boys.

Chains said...

That was not directed at anyone in particular zap. Just anyone who actually believes there is a hexagon in that region. It's pure bullshit!

zapoper said...

Thanks for the clarification. I agree.

Albert said...

JM ...... a bitter Snooty Arse-hole?! ;-)

You be the "Judge"! ;-)

Chains said...

It's easier to say "actually" then "In point of fact" LOL JM was one of the first guys I watched back in 2006 when i started waking up to scam this world is. He has done some interesting stuff over the years.

Jay Que said...

For not being Bill Cooper, he sounds just like him, similar to Austin's own Bill Hicks

Chains said...

Bill Cooper called him out back in the day.