July 18, 2020

Imagine singing that with a mask on lol.

"I want a perfect body and a perfect soul". Fucking Creep with a mask on. That would be more than Halloween scary LOL


zapoper said...

BTW. Go troll Delcroix. He's the one that made me think of that song LOL.


Zeebra said...

great song, thx for the post!

re delcroix (pronounced like "Deck-wah" right?) - he was an active mod here a few years ago right? IIRC, he went all gaga for "flat earth" & started turning mami's into an FE vids/pods repository, right? & he was further on about nuke energy/bombs were fake, satellites fake, everything's-fake-ism.

zapoper said...

Yeah but it's not about bashing Delcroix. I still love the guy.

BTW. He is still an admin.

Harry McFudd said...

Delcroix is and always will be a fucking idiot. I heard he is being kept in a cage and has only been seen on a leash while taking a shit in the park over next to the monkey bars.

zapoper said...

Don't be an asshole. The guy has health problems. Let him be.