July 13, 2020

The Biggest Illusion Of Our Time With Max Igan

Bushfires - Directed Energy Weapons - Covid Protests
  Cornholer Virus is SO Deadly You Need to be
Tested To See if You Actually Have it
 The Great Reset 2020
Alfa Vedic

The Biggest Illusion Of Our Time With Max Igan

The commentary is from Max Igan.

Part 1 – Our Prime Minister, the Illusion and Reality 
Part 2 – The Burning of Australia by Max Igan, The Crowhouse, 17 mins
Part 3 – Directed Energy Weapons by Max Igan, The Crowhouse, 17.08 mins
Part 4 – Lockdown, Riots, Great Reset, 28.43 mins
Part 5 – Slide show of the year in summary

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  Smoke on the Water

 Fire in the Sky

Cornholer Virus is SO Deadly You Need to be
Tested To See if You Actually Have it
Margi Noser


"The whole thing is a scam and everybody is rolling over out of fear. I heard over 10,000 people refused to do the test. We will hardly hear anything about rebellion. This is totalitarianism clearly. I noticed that when we try to do a search on the internet to find sources of complaint about the virus or anything debating it they do not show us any links other than their cabal bullshit. I am ready for war brothers and sisters and I am looking for a group of people to organize and strategise as safely as possible to protect our people from these mad ZIO-parasites." - The Anglo-Saxon Crusader"


Stone the Crowhouse Max Igan Bushfires DEW Covid Protests the Great Reset 2020
 Crystalline Geometry

"You don't need Directed Energy Weapons to start a fire in Australia." - Max Igan

"All the conditions were ripe, including the mismanagement" by government nincompoops who are given bonuses to be super stupid in addition to their regular bribes and salaries for just being stupid.

 Suspicious Fire in Australian Paradise
 Adelaide Australia Supposed Forest Fire

Fiery Sunset over Paradise Burned

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I think it's BIG that #JewishPrivilege was (allowed to...) top-trend on twatter yest! Still baffles me, coz I know they gaslight users, suppress/shadowban 'undesirable' hashtags which ARE grass-roots trending, & boost (((agenda friendly))) hashtags despite that they're NOT authentically trending... so were their censors asleep @ the switch yest, or what?!